One day you wake up old…

drugsYesterday morning, I was just Peg. This evening, I am an old woman. My medicine cabinet is outfitted with not one, but two, blood pressure drugs. I have to go get lab stuff done tomorrow. And get EKG. And, I have to go back and see the Doc in less than 2 weeks. I suppose I should be glad that she thinks I’ll be alive 12 days from now.

But, how is that for medical service. Within 24 hours I decided to see a doctor, I got an appointment and saw a doctor. All thanks to our county’s  Outpatient Clinic. It is cheap. $38 a visit.  Your doctor is a resident. But, heck, if you were in Medora North Dakota or Skagway Alaska – your medical care provider would be a nurse or a vet. So, figure it is a good value. My two drugs were selected from the $4 list from Target and WalMart. The waiting room leaves much to be desired. And, the exam rooms are sort of Motel 6-ish. But, the residents are from a fine medical school.

I think I need a treat. Maybe a new toy.

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