I give up

Another shot from Saturday's Bike Race
Another shot from Saturday's Bike Race L1 w/kit lens

I give up on the blood pressure issue. It is still scary. An hour a day of forced marching doesn’t seem to lower it enough. So, I either have to:

  1. Give up and stop taking my blood pressure, or
  2. Give up and seek medical help.

Guess I’ll take the second option. Both options involve giving up.

Oh, savings bonds. Maybe 5 years ago I started buying old fashioned savings bonds – instead of nursing home insurance. Well, I just discovered that MY government has stopped paying interest on my savings bonds. My interest rate is ZERO percent. The reason being the cost of living has gone down. And the interest rates are tagged to the CPI. But, I bet that the cost of a stay in the nursing home next door hasn’t gone down.

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