Take back in the country in 8 days

Forbin, the MacBook Pro, and I are having a little disagreement at the moment. Time Machine has ground to a complete halt. First, I thought that the external drive was full. Nope. So, I restarted the computer. Nope. I turned the computer off. Nope. I restarted it in safe mode. Nope. For an hour or so, I suspected my VMWare. But, I don’t think that is the issue. A couple of days ago, Lightroom rebuilt its 40gig catalog. At this instant Forbin is trying unsuccessfully to backup everything except the Lightroom catalog in safe mode. And I am using the little iPad. I am really too old for this shit. Time to get more Dropbox space and let that be my backup ?  I sure don’t need another cloud storage account  iCloud, Google and Dropbox.   My iPads use iCloud, my phone and email use Google and I use Dropbox .

And, I am really tired of this COVID-19. Today it’s just oppressive. I have gotten so boring heck, I even bore myself. Now, I understand, there are worse things then being bored. But being boring is an entire different thing. I just want it over. And I know that’s not happening any time soon. Hope for the best and plan for the worst. That’s about all any of us can do.

Today I wished that Mr C was here to share this miserable year with me. That’s not very nice of me. Because, I really am glad that he missed it.


Coffee. That’s about all for gratitude today. Well and chocolate. And indoor plumbing. Alexa, the kindle, elevators, central heat.

Mālama pono

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