All better today

the thunderstorm

Yesterday I was as energetic as a three-toed sloth on Xanax. And I was almost too sore to put my clothes on. But, as I planned, I am all recovered today. And, I graduated from PT.  And, my friends are having a Going Away Dinner for me tonight. (At our age, we might not make it back.) 

The Old Bat Cave is awash in packing. If I didn’t live alone, it wouldn’t be such a production. But, it is sort of “the task expands to take up all available space” or some such thing. 

        • Honolulu – 89°
        • Tokyo – 83°
        • Singapore – 91°
        • Dubai – 97°
        • London – 65°
        • Bermuda – 72°
        • Falls Church – 75°

Exactly why am I leaving spring to go to blazing hot? Oh right, I am going to a wedding. And, if not now when?

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