4 days to get it together

The best part of PT is when Chris tries to tear my legs off.

Four days to get things together for my trip. How hard can this be? In many ways, my lap around Australia was harder to get organized. It had planes, trains, buses, visits to friends, lots of moving parts. This trip just has planes. So far. I’ll complicate things in UK. But, I still have 4 weeks to get that sorted. 

I accidentally got my second shingles shot today. I dropped by the pharmacy and asked to be removed from the wait list for June and added to the wait list for July. Well, guess what? They had some unclaimed shots for May and did I want one? Well, not really. But I didn’t want shingles either. So, I gave them $171 and they gave me a shot. 

Oh, let’s ask Alexa about the weather:

      • Honolulu – 88°
      • Tokyo – 75°
      • Singapore – 88°
      • Dubai – 96°
      • London – 67°
      • Bermuda – 77°
      • Falls Church – 71°

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