Looking good in the kitchen tonight.

Lobster bisque was on the menu tonight. No complaints. And yes, those pizza boxes. We have pizza. Eat in or take out. 

But occasionally, the kitchen has a massive fail. There is a reason for “garnish”.

This afternoon I tossed all the possible clothing choices for the trip on the bed. 

OK, time to get serious about this packing crap.

Biggest problem is the wedding on June 1 in Honolulu. I barely have anything suitable for a wedding to start with. I will cobble something together from my travel wardrobe. And, just not worry about it. 

What I should be worried about is not the wedding – but the weather.

      • Honolulu – 88°
      • Tokyo – 74°
      • Singapore – 89°
      • Dubai – 100°
      • London – 64°
      • Bermuda – 74°

I need to remember that all these places have stores. Lots of stores. Stores that sell clothes. 


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