this would be funny…

Happy Autumnal Equinox – cabbage white butterfly and Michaelmas Daisy – today

Okay, we all have to go vote. In this election. In every election. Even for dog catcher. 

I have this Facebook friend. The nicest lady ever. She would visit you in the hospital. Bring you mac and cheese if misfortune overtook you. Take care of your plants and pets. She is also 100% Trump supporter…

She posted this on Facebook yesterday.

The dear lady completely misses that:

  1. It is an obvious Photoshop job. and
  2. That her hero is handing a flood victim a maga hat. so
  3. The whole thing was put together by the anyone but Trump camp to start with.

This is the mentality of the Trump supporters. They cannot be swayed by reason, common sense, science or truth. We have to vote them into insignificance. 

The original photo – from several years ago in Houston.

The best part of today was when I finished my labors in my weedlot. I moved some plants around – so – I am actually hoping for rain. 

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  1. Scarier than Trump are the way too many people who support him. I had no idea this country was populated with such people.

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