Lazy kind day.

The Asylum – Breakfast.

The Asylum has Shit on a Shingle on the menu and people actually order it. And Gordon here said it was very good. Don’t think I’ll try it. 

As for me – I had a leisure day. Spent 30 minutes in the weed lot rounding up Devil’s Tongues that escaped the first exorcism. Only logged 3 miles on the Fitbit – but I did rack up 2 naps. 

I never felt guilty about taking a leisure day until I moved to an old folks asylum. Now when I think about taking a leisure day – I just remember President Lincoln’s famous telegraph to GeneralMcClellan:  “Will you pardon me for asking,” he telegraphed, “what the horses of your army have done since the battle of Antietam that fatigue anything?”

Weed Lot and Garden Box- week 5
Weed Lot and Garden Box- week 5

Nothing blooming in the garden box yet. But it is a mass of green wildness. And Ray the Rosemary is doing fine. Putting out new growth. 


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