Day one on the train.

It is about 5pm. I have dinner at 6. Then some time around 8:30 we are going on a field trip to a gold mine. I think. They say I can climb on to a dump truck. Stay tuned. But, I think there will be WiFi there. So maybe this will post.

I am liking the train. Different from Amtrak and Canada long range trains where you can walk from end to end

Here I am locked into a 5 car range. 4 passengers and one bar/restaurant car. There are three of these, plus a posher class set-up.

But mine is posh enough. Much nicer than Amtrak. Maybe even nicer than Canada VIA rail. However, we are being rousted out at 6:15 tomorrow morning for a sunrise brekkie picnic.

So far the food is good, the booze is great and the roadbed not so hot. All aboard!

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  1. A train that looks like the Orient Express and has outings! How wonderful! All it needs is Monsieur Poirot and a murder

  2. Hi,
    I’m really amazed by your trip.
    Lots of interesting infos on your travel log.
    So many details…
    Have a nice trip.

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