It was a good day to rent unbrellas.

First, the problem of the day. I developed a posterior nosebleed this afternoon. I am no stranger to nosebleeds. But, posterior nosebleeds are much more serious. Another joy of aging. Rest assured that I am taking this seriously. Not seriously enough to take myself to the local ER. But, seriously. No swimming. No inverted yoga postures. Hopefully, it will stop by itself. 

Second, the progress of the day. I figured I should not lay down and nap. So, I finalized my Australia plans up to Feb 14. The train will deposit me in Sydney at about noon on the 14th. But, I all manner of plane, train, bus and hotel reservations. All good until I get off the train. One of my hotel rooms is called a “matchbox”.  No, I didn’t do the Air BnB thing. I am sort of old school. 

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