It was not a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Enjoying some fine coffee and a little toast this morning – when out popped a crown. It wasn’t 100% unanticipated. Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment to see Surfer Dentist early Wednesday. Only in Hawai’i do you need to check the surf report before going to the dentist. Actually, he is more responsible than that – but if the surf is good, the chances of him showing up early are slim and none.

Sorry Perth: You got short changed by Geraldton. I have a friend from the Merkel Cell Carcinoma support group who lives about 250 miles north of Perth in Geraldton. I’ll fly up early on Friday AM – spend the day and then take the bus back to Perth on Saturday morning. I’ll get to Perth mid-afternoon. Good news is the bus terminal is within a mile of the train station. Sunday morning it is on the train for my ride across the country. Hey, this whole trip is just one great big adventure. I’ll still have enough time in Perth to do some sightseeing – if the body holds up.

There will be plenty of time to rest after I am dead. Or on the 65 hour train ride from Perth to Sydney – which ever comes first. 

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