First sunrise 2018

How about we just have pictures today?

Fishing on the drinking pier early today.
Got his first fish of 2018 – a nice rainbow runner.

After it warmed up – I went out for a nice swim.

saddle wrasse eating an urchin.
My ocean was a little crowded today

Lots of people that didn’t really know what they were doing on paddle boards today.  Had to be really careful going out and coming back in.

Rumor has it that now that he isn’t president any more – Obama is back on his board on Oahu. Don’t think about the orange lord on a paddle board. 


2 Replies to “2018”

  1. Hello Peggy,
    I wish you an happy new year !
    A good health, nice trip, lots of friends…
    I will continue to read your blog everyday. I like your pictures, and your philosophy.
    Best regards !

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