Xmas -2017

Merry Christmas, Mr C – 25 December 2017 

If I were not  sick I would have swam over and said howdy to Mr C up close. But, I am still sick so, I waved to him from the pier. He understands my sinus problems.

But, on to more exciting things… I paid for my tickets to Brisbane. I already have tickets on the train from Perth to Sydney – which is not the way I wanted to go – but it was the way that had space. And, I am really seriously thinking about 3 or even 4 days on The Reef. I’ll have to nail that one soonest. I just love the ocean too much to not do it.

Here is the so called plan:

Brisbane-that is where the plane lands.
Darwin-because it is there – sounds like my kinda town. 
Perth-where the train leaves from – See my friend Leilani I hope
Sydney-where the train goes – Bridge walk?
Hobart-because it is there and the naughty museum
Cairns-the way to lizard island
Lizard island-Great Barrier Reef.  
Cairns-the way back from lizard island
Brisbane-that is where the plane leaves from

That would be from Feb2 to Mar 1. 

Fun with jumping frogs.

Made jumping frogs yesterday out of money, origami paper, the tea bag wrapper and a Xmas card. The currency version jumped best. Maybe I’ll try a fancier froggy tomorrow. 

I quarantined myself today again. I am planning a very festive dinner of Mac&Cheese – which I adore. And one of those unbelievable  tiny containers of Cherry Garcia ice cream. I treated myself to some Kindle books. Except for the sinus crap – an altogether good day. 

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