Better today

Moray Eel on the rocks

Out for an early little stroll this morning when I spy an eel frolicking on the rocks. A good omen for getting out of my funk. It was an eel frolicking on the rocks that I took as a sign that the location for Carlton’s final destination had been found. 

Both the muscle strain and the sciatica sides of my back are better today. But, I was very careful about what I did and didn’t do today. I cut my walk-about and my swim short. 

Speaking of swim:

saddleback butterfly

The catch of the day – saddleback butterfly fish. We rarely see them here in Kona. But, when we do, they are in pairs. This pair was in maybe 20 feet of water and I was in my wet suit – so I didn’t get very close. But, I followed them around for about 5 minutes. 

Mystery Blue Trigger Fish – humuhumu

Coming in, I found the mystery blue humuhumu. Also saw I tiny eel. 

I was advised to use gratitude  to get out of my funk. Good Carlton advice. 

Good friends, good coffee, chocolate, indoor plumbing, microwave ovens, Aleve, … 

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