Hover Fly in Flight

Was even less successful shooting bees in flight this afternoon. No bees in sight. Only a couple of hover flies.

Adorable resident dog – she is 63 in dog years so she just makes into the Asylum.

And what is unremarkable? My visit to the boy-cardiologist. He still wants to do a stress test. But, he says as long as I can walk up the stairs to my office – which is one floor above his – and have breath left to say “damn” then I am OK. He gets points for not wanting to monkey with my BP meds or to insist on cholesterol or other testing. He says I just have coronary artery spams and since I have had them for years – not to worry.  So, I am not going to worry.

Hope I ace my stress test. Maybe I should start training in the Asylum gym. But seriously, I think you have to be caffeine  free for 24 hours. Me, sans caffeine 24 hours – not pretty. 

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