Today’s feature – rain. clouds. chilly.  Sort of like the USA. 

Last night, I came home from dinner. And, I found this alarming message on Shamu the Phone.

Well, this is very disturbing. This institution has almost all of my money. Who is helping themselves to it. Grab Shamu  the Phone and call. After 15 minutes on hold Shamu starts to shut down on me… It is past Shamu’s bed time. Plug Shamu in and continue on hold for another 30 minutes. By now it is past my bedtime too. Eventually, a very nice man finally takes me off hold and asks “How can I help you?” I explain that I am an old woman and when I got home from dinner I found this message… Nice man starts to explain that it was a computer “glitch” and that every customer got that message. I start laughing – explain to nice man that I have on at least one occasion done that very same thing. I wish him a good evening and get on with my life. Ain’t technology grand? To err  is human, but it requires a computer to really foul things up!

Harlene: Much talk – but only talk – about expanding the “large electronics ban” to flights originating in Europe.

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