Technical Details

Bendix G15
The Bendix G15 - One of my first computers.

COMPUTER TOOLS - The work station is an aging Toshiba 4080 maxed out memory-wise at 192meg. An even older Toshiba 420 plays server. Its LCD went south 6 months ago, so I sort of hope that it just keeps running smoothly.

An Epson Photo Stylus and a tiny Canon BJC-70 continue to produce fine quality printing. If I use Epson's best paper, the quality from the Stylus is as good as prints from Ofoto or Shutterfly. (which, some would say - isn't much. but IMHO - they do as good a job as any retail drop off your film place.)

The oldest equipment still in service (not counting Peg!) is the Iomega Zip Drive which dates from the summer of 1995. Other toys include a USB CD-Burner, an HP Scanner, the usual networking stuff, and the much loved Microsoft mouse.

I try not to think about all the obsolete parts and equipment that I have stashed away.


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