I know, I know

Maury School Play Ground

Don’t mess with the theme. But, I can not help myself.

This theme is most likely not a keeper unless I can tweet some sort of conformity into it. I don’t think it will “play well with others”. Sort of like the teapotheads.

New theme is gone for now. Sorry you missed it. I was good while it lasted – but it did work well with the old posts – which means that the new posts will not play nice with other themes. Too fussy for me.

stuck in a comic strip

I feel like I am stuck in a Cathy comic strip. But, I have spent most of my life feeling stuck in some comic strip or the other.

My fish monger Tweeted that he had way too much albacore tuna – so albacore tuna, avocado, tomato made lunch. Salami sandwiches with chips is going to be dinner.

About WordPress Media Library – Do not believe it if it says that an image is “unattached”. It seems to be like a married man from the last century – you could not believe what they said about their marital status.

It’s been 5 years

Well, this isn’t formatting out just like I want it too. Guess it is time to tweak the css file – or – change what I want. Ah, better now. Still loving WordPress.

This morning – at about 10am I went out for a little walk around the neighborhood. What was I thinking – there are no good pictures to be had in DC at 10am in August. But, the I salvaged 4 interesting shots. If you want to see the images – either click on the image or use PicLens. The slideshow option leaves much to be desired.

Anyhow, we have lived in the rented condo for 5 years now. When we moved in everyone said “but you are just throwing your money away”. I think not. Your house is where you sleep. Not your piggy bank.

Things that I am surprisingly pleased with…

don't you love junk mail?
don't you love junk mail?

(Technology) Things that I am surprisingly pleased with:

  1. The vintage $199 Dell Computer. It is really slow. But I am not in any rush.
  2. Ubuntu. I started out being grateful that it saved my sorry ass in Hawaii. But, I really like and it is my go-to OS. Thinking about getting a MacBook Air and running a dual boot with Ubuntu. Not feeling any Windows love these days.
  3. Word Press. It is easy. It works. And anytime I feel wild and crazy I can toss on a funky theme until I return to my senses.

moving on to wordpress 2.8.2

Daisy at Nature Conservancy - L1 w/pancake lens
Daisy at Nature Conservancy - L1 w/pancake lens

Well, I am all ready to upgrade to WP 2.8.2 from 2.7.1. I have backed everything up and upgraded the supporting cast members. Now we push the Please update now button that has been nagging me for a couple of months.

Well, so far so good.

After putzing around with the blog software – I took the camera and new lens over to the Nature Conservancy weed lot for a little photo play. The trouble with the L1 is that I like it too much. It makes my pointer and shooter seem a little lame.

Carlton and I just had a really strange conversation. First he implied that my dressing left something to be desired but that what I wear isn’t any business of his. Well, I know he hates green. So, I have nothing green. I doesn’t like clothes that are loose, baggy or unstructured either. But, I wear those things. And, I’ll agree that I don’t dress like he would like. But, when was the last time he took me anywhere that required “proper lady” clothes?

Second, he explained that he didn’t intend to ever go to the doctor to get any tests for any thing any more. He was just going to die. He does go to the skin cancer guy and the dentist. In a way that is what my dad did. And, he lived to be 82. Mom, who enjoyed poor health and went to the doctor all the time, lived to be 82. Dad spent 2 weeks dying of cancer. Mom spent 5 months. They both ended up dead. So, Carlton might have something.

What I wear is my business and if Carlton doesn’t want a colonoscopy – that is his business.

a lack of interest

I am suffering from a lack of interest in my photography project today. So, today’s image was a reject from yesterday. All of today’s images were rejected.

Have I mentioned lately that WordPress is really easy to use and I don’t miss my old “roll your own” style blog one bit? Still haven’t “upgraded” to the latest version.

Working with WordPress

Today – seeking a better way to do photo galleries with WordPress.

Apparently this needs work … time to RTFM. Or go to the pool. Or take a nap.

Now that is better. I took a nap. And took a peak at the documentation. This is sweet.

But, one image does not make a photo gallery.

This is good too… I am using the NextGen Gallery plug-in.  I am having way too much fun with this.

Did a power walk this morning. Blood pressure still pretty spooky. Might try 2 power walks per day. That cuts an entire hour out of the day. Of course, death would cut 24 hours out of every day.

A WordPress Project.

tame iris found at farm market - the last iris of the year - maybe
tame iris found at farm market - the last iris of the year - maybe. L1 w/kit lens

I managed to batter my images from 2001 into the previous post. My latest WordPress project will be to find a more elegant solution. I am sure there is one to be had. I just have to kick my senior brain cells into action.

Farm market – one block away – opened today. Not much to be had yet – but the old vendors were back. I got asparagus, strawberries  and honey. And an apple turnover for Carlton.

Bike racing this weekend.

Iris Quest – day 3

On the way to the hospital this AM
On the way to the hospital this AM

Today’s entry in the quest for a good iris – well, it doesn’t make the cut. Will have to try harder tomorrow. Taken with the FX01 on the way to “work”.

On the way home walking down the street where I live – I snapped off a picture of the lunch time crowd.


phonesI loved the image this guy made – with his Bose noise cancelling earphones. Either the recession has not hit this gentleman – or he has had the ‘fones for a while.

WordPress – been using it for 2 weeks now. Really like it. All the tedious stuff is taken care of as if by magic.

Looking Back 5 years

I was looking back in the old archives and came upon a picture of my closet. Strangely enough, I had just taken a picture of my closet to check the flash. What difference 5 years makes.

Before and Waaaay After

This really is more than an example of a closet needing a good culling. I wanted to be sure that WordPress did not stick images out in the database part of the blog. It doesn’t.

I am very fond of the new database driven blog. Actually, the massive hardware/software melt down that started in mid-January might have been a blessing. I have some new best friends:

  1. WordPress
  2. Ubuntu
  3. KeePassX (for the Ubuntu side) and KeePass (for XP)
  4. FireFtp – a really fine Firefox plugin.
  5. FireBug – another fire Firefox plugin.
  6. FoxMarks – it might not be limited to Firefox
  7. OpenOffice – an old friend that I still use over MS Office
  8. “New” five year old Dell Optiplex

KeePass and KeePassX can share a database. It isn’t as easy/automatic as Roboform. But, I have all my passwords and answers to those stupid “What was your 2nd husband’s grandmother’s sister’s dog’s name?” challenge questions stashed in the KeePass database.

Foxmarks keeps my browser bookmarks in sync.

Back to sorting photos

hello humans, you are stepping on the fish

Back to sorting out photos. I must have been having trouble with my underwater camera settings in 2001, because most of the photos were seriously overexposed. The above water photos were fine. Just way too many of them. This image belongs in the trash. It isn’t focused or exposed anywhere near correctly. But, I just liked the silly humans… Standing around – missing the show just around their toes.

Got an unexpected day off today. That is the good news. The bad news is – the nurse that I work for is sick. Hopefully she gets well soon and I stay well.

Took advantage of the day off to figure out WordPress Tags and Categories – after a nudge from the favorite daughter.

Also made a 30 minute playlist of suspect Oldies – that will be my powerwalking timer. Its Raining Men and Hey Mickey are not what I would want to be caught listening too – but, if they were good enough for aerobics classes 20 years ago, I should be able to use them to keep my walker going. Also, Sugar Sugar by the Archies and Rocket 88 by Ike Turner. (Since he is dead -Ike is now allowed on the iPod.) Plus some other questionable – but perky tunes.

Still haven’t a clue about my Blog’s melt down the other day. Except for that unfortunate event – WordPress is proving satisfactory.


About this time yesterday, the blog went south. I couldn’t view it, edit it, or do anything. Maybe it was my host. Maybe it was my database. Maybe it was just bad karma. But, after 24 hours … it seems to be working again. I don’t really think I did anything to fix anything.

Think I’ll be figuring out how to back this up next. Because I have a long history of being able to mess up all things computer. Here it is: http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Backups#Backing_Up_Your_WordPress_Site
All backed up now.