Thanksgiving DInner 2009

Our fine turkey day dinner – kalua turkey, rice, avocado, tomato, cranberry sauce. No pie, stuffing, rolls, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole. No problems. About 5 minutes prep time, 5 minutes cleanup.

So, what did we do on Thanksgiving in Kona. Took a ride in the country. Went to the beach. Watched football. Took a nap. Life is good. Too good. I keep waiting for something bad to happen. Don’t worry, it will. Nothing lasts forever. Not good. Not bad. Enjoy the good times when they happen.

No blogging yesterday. Yesterday, I spent my computer time fussing with Lightroom. I finally figured out why I couldn’t load my old images. Lightroom has some sort of issue when you have  TIF and DNG files. I also decided to RTFM. So, I download the manual. I am a lot happier with Lightroom today. I also did a little experiment and discovered that DNG files are smaller than my cameras RAW files. With the Airness’s tiny drive – that is a good thing.

the new lens

panda having a popsicle
panda having a Popsicle

Took the L1 and new lens to the zoo this morning. It was hot as hades. All sensible animals were in their air-conditioned quarters. But, one of the pandas was outside – eating a giant Popsicle.

I have never used a long zoom lens. There is a learning curve.

water lily
water lily

There was a lone water lily out side of the bird house.

It’s been 5 years

Well, this isn’t formatting out just like I want it too. Guess it is time to tweak the css file – or – change what I want. Ah, better now. Still loving WordPress.

This morning – at about 10am I went out for a little walk around the neighborhood. What was I thinking – there are no good pictures to be had in DC at 10am in August. But, the I salvaged 4 interesting shots. If you want to see the images – either click on the image or use PicLens. The slideshow option leaves much to be desired.

Anyhow, we have lived in the rented condo for 5 years now. When we moved in everyone said “but you are just throwing your money away”. I think not. Your house is where you sleep. Not your piggy bank.

Look Fat?

Does this car make me look fat?
Does this car make me look fat?

Spent way too much time yesterday ripping audiobooks from the library into my iPod. I am willing to pay $10 to download a nice fat audiobook. But not a cent more. So, I check them out of the library as CD’s and stuff them into the iPod. I am happy to support the audiobook industry – but refuse to pay more than paperback rates for an audiobook.

Tomorrow my Olympus Pancake 25mm f/2.8 lens is supposed to arrive. That might quell my toy lust for a week or two. Maybe.

morning in the cemetery

Took the day off from the volunteer job. Took the day off from vigorous exercise, excessive technology and just about everything else. Also took the day off from the big brick camera and used the little one with an IR filter. Infrared seems very suitable for grave yards. And a fine grave yard it is too. Columbia Gardens Cemetery – check it out if your want a nice walk.

WordPress keeps trying to get me to install the “new improved” version. And the photo gallery thing that I haven’t figured out completely also wants me to “upgrade”. Next rainy day – I’ll get around to it. Maybe.

Notes to old people: Infrared is very flattering to aging skin. And Carlton’s converter boxed analog TV’s are working.

Just call me old.

Set the bar low for the start of bee quest
Set the bar low for the start of bee quest

Time for my summer photo fun, hunting for the perfect bee shot. And, the best magnolia.

But, let’s bitch. I am a senior. Hate that title. I am an old person. You can only be a senior citizen if there are junior citizens. And sophomore citizens. What’s wrong with just being old?

Well one thing wrong is being bombarded day and night with messages like this one:

We anticipate there will be a lot of seniors who come out of the woodwork when they realize their TVs go black,” said Theresa Lambert, who leads the digital TV outreach efforts for the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging. “No matter how much information is out there, it’s not until those TVs go dark that you get their attention.”

Hello World, us old people didn’t actually invent the Internet – Al Gore did that – and we didn’t invent the computer or the television – our parents and grand parents did that.  We are not Luddites. We designed, built, repaired, operated and programmed those big iron computing machines. Machines that supported the Manhattan Project, machines that landed men on the moon and got them back home.  Ray Tomlinson actually invented E-Mail. And he is a senior. We can figure out converter boxes.

Working with WordPress

Today – seeking a better way to do photo galleries with WordPress.

Apparently this needs work … time to RTFM. Or go to the pool. Or take a nap.

Now that is better. I took a nap. And took a peak at the documentation. This is sweet.

But, one image does not make a photo gallery.

This is good too… I am using the NextGen Gallery plug-in.  I am having way too much fun with this.

Did a power walk this morning. Blood pressure still pretty spooky. Might try 2 power walks per day. That cuts an entire hour out of the day. Of course, death would cut 24 hours out of every day.

A WordPress Project.

tame iris found at farm market - the last iris of the year - maybe
tame iris found at farm market - the last iris of the year - maybe. L1 w/kit lens

I managed to batter my images from 2001 into the previous post. My latest WordPress project will be to find a more elegant solution. I am sure there is one to be had. I just have to kick my senior brain cells into action.

Farm market – one block away – opened today. Not much to be had yet – but the old vendors were back. I got asparagus, strawberries  and honey. And an apple turnover for Carlton.

Bike racing this weekend.

2001 – a photographic wipeout

Think I have finished culling, editing and cataloguing my images from 2001.  Next step is to  select  the top 20 and have a little book printed. Well, I can not find 20 that I good enough to include. So, I shall resort to the last refuge of the amateur photographer – family snapshots. Forgive me. Also trying to figure out how to do pictures with word press. Stay tuned. Ah, I see – titles muck up the thumbnails. Found a better way. NextGEN Gallery Plug-in.

Enough already. Time get on with the important work of the day – bathroom cleaning!

Long Weekend Over

Who says men don't know how to accessorize

Got the 297 Rolling Thunder photographs from this week’s bike extravaganza down to 69. Think that is enough culling. And, I don’t think this character would look more biker-ly in black and white.


Okay – I’ll stop playing with black and white. Enough fun already. Back to deleting and cataloging 2001.

The Mall

Lincoln Memorial/WWII Memorial
Lincoln Memorial/WWII Memorial

After three days of snapping photos – I have 297 more to deal with. Maybe it will rain tomorrow and I’ll finish up this year’s Rolling Thunder images.

I have to report that the 3 pound $1000 camera takes better pictures than the 4 ounce $150 camera. Sigh.