So Kona

Poi Delivery Schedule
Poi Delivery Details

Hey, it is important to know when your poi was delivered/manufactured. And, it isn’t cheap. Especially considering that you can not pay most mainlanders to eat it.

Still chomping thru 2003 photos. Have gotten the number down under 3,000. The more a do, the better the delete key looks.

Speaking of “key”, Carlton is watching slack key guitar on TV. Slowly the southern boy is being “localized”.

Stuck in 2003

late sunday at the pier
Late Sunday at the Pier

I am stuck in 2003, deleting and deleting and deleting… down to 3,246. I am really tired of 2003. But, I am going to finish. And then start another year.  And, delete, cull and catalog every new photograph as I go along.

This week I am shooting with my 25mm fixed lens… in completely automatic mode. Just a little training exercise.

Nice day for “fishing”

Scrawled Filefish
Scrawled Filefish

Had an excellent morning snorkeling across the street from the hotel. The air  is really bad today (the volcano, a couple of range fires, and lack of wind). But, the lack of wind made for nice snorkeling. Love that new wetsuit. I stayed out for about an hour without freezing to death.

I was chilly, however – a hot shower and a bowl of clam chowder for lunch was welcome.

Have battled the images for 2003 down to 4080. I think that 2003 was the year that I realized that you can take all the digital images you want to without paying any additional money. I am learning to delete early. And often.

New favorite things:

  1. My wetsuit
  2. My MacBook Air
  3. Readability – its free – get it now.
  4. Lightroom – I am using the 3.0 beta – will spring for a real copy when it comes out.

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

Robert C Seamans - woods hole
The Robert C Seaman

Woke up on New Year’s Eve Morning and what had come in over night – a pirate ship. Turns out that the pirate ship is a floating college class. A very expensive class. It is being adversely effected by the economy. They had to cancel the spring semester. And they cut out the French Polynesia portion of the fall semester. They replaced Borabora with Kiribati. Not a good trade. The ship motored out in the afternoon. Heading to Honolulu.

Knocked the 2003 image collected down to 4,887. Still have a way to go.

We had a really peaceful New Year’s Eve. The cops were not called. All the male hotel workers spent the night at the hotel. But, all they did was sleep. Very quite.

New Year’s Eve

carlton cartoon

This is one of my all time favorite cartoons. Wish I could run down a better version of it. And, it does describe our New Year’s Eve. Very low key. Not even any civic fireworks this year. No money.

Still working on 2003

Still culling my way thru 2003. Been wearing out the Delete key. Which is a good thing.

On the food front, the supply of meatballs has been exhausted. Sort of sad to see them go. I’d become rather fond of the meatballs.

We had our New Year’s eve feast at 2 PM. Shark, sushi, oranges and avocado. Sandwiches on tap for dinner.

I am sort of easing my way out of the 2009 and into 2010. Carlton worked half day at the Palace. He is easing into 2010 as well. He is watching VaTech in the Fried Chicken Bowl. Don’t you wish some cereal company or toilet bowl cleaner or even a soup company would sponsor a bowl game?

Guess what? Carlton and I have been together 31 years.

culling right along

fewer photos
fewer photos

Did a bunch of deleting today. I really have learned to enjoy Lightroom and will buy a copy when LR 3.0 is released. But, if LR 3.0 will not read the LR 3.0 Beta catalog – I’ll be hating life.

Getting the images from the first decade of the 21st century done is New Years Resolution #1.

Resolution #2 is to change my “important” password. I have used the same “important” password for too long. I am happy with Keypass – so that shouldn’t be too hard. I just have to come up with a new “important” password. Rememberable but not too hackable.

I have an idea about “body scanners” for airlines. First, if “they” want to scan me – have at it, boys. Heck, they could strip search me. But, PLEASE, don’t make me stay in my seat with my hands on the arm rests – without my iPod, book, snacks, and blanket. Anyone who doesn’t want to be scanned could be handcuffed.

What was I doing?

almost 7,000 pictures from 2003

What was I doing in 2003? Why did I take 6,719 pictures? Surely some must be dupes. And this doesn’t include the 2,000 plus fish pictures that I have already disposed of.

I have learned how to move folders from my external drive to the Airness’s small drive and back to the external drive after the images have been culled and cataloged. This makes processing much quicker. And, I don’t have to have an external drive lashed to the computer.

A couple more from xmas day

Xmas Luau at Noe and Alika's - Waimea
The xmas day luau in Waimea

Today – December 28, 2009 I finish sorting, cataloging, culling my fish photographs from 2003. Now that is progress. I really do intend to have the decade all done by the time we head for home in 9 weeks.

Speaking of the end of the decade. The first decade of the 21st century has been rather crappy, hasn’t it? Let’s see, we eased into the decade with the dot-com bust and the Y2K scare. Then we had 911, antrax, the sniper, Katrina, Enron, Bernie Ebbers, Bird Flu, Pig Flu, The Obesity Epidemic, “reality” TV, Fox “News”, Mr Madoff, the current economic melt down and the jobless “recovery”.

Xmas Luau at Noe and Alika's - Waimea
eating, drinking, singing, dancing, etc etc

Lack of bandwidth

Xmas Luau at Noe and Alika's - Waimea
Carlton at Noe and Alika's luau - honest he is having fun

Still suffering from bandwidth disfunction. The hotel wifi needs Viagra!

Xmas day dawned bright and sunny and a crispy 70 degrees. Mr C and I bundled up in all the clothes we own and headed up to the country for a real Hawaiian luau. About 30 folk were in attendance. Carlton did take his car down a gravel road. And, he did have a good time.

mele kalikimaka

Xmas Wrasse
Xmas Wrasse

Not enough bandwidth to upload a picture today. So, the Xmas Wrasse from a few weeks ago will have to suffice.

Have the very best xmas ever – and a bright and happy new year.

I spent most of the day shuffling thru old pictures. I am going to have to kick ass if I am going to finish a decade of photos by the end of the winter holiday.

Tomorrow, I am going up country to an old fashioned Hawaiian luau. There might be pictures.

The Good News…

Carlton and Nona
Auntie Nona and Uncle Carlton

The Good News – two rugby teams did not check into our building.

The Bad News – one rugby team did check into our building.

Today was chores day: laundry, defrost fridge, go to library, run down exterminator dude. And finish making my first iMovie. I do consider making little movies a chore. iMovie is pretty painless.

Also, the town is filling up for the holidays. Good for business. But, I like sleepy beach town better.

The food fairy provided *LOTS* of cookies, a bunch of oranges, a bag of kona coffee and the meatballs continue.

Not feeling very festive

Brown Trumpet Fish
The Striped Brown Pacific Trumpet Fish
Yellow Phase Trumpet Fish
And, The Yellow Pacific Trumpet Fish

I am not feeling very festive at this instant. A little domestic discontent over my Xmas plans. It might involve a trip down an unpaved road and Carlton is saying “Not in my car – you will not take my car off the pavement. No way. No how.” Oh, the drama of spending one’s dotage with Carlton.

On a more positive note – I had a great time snorkeling today. Captured a yellow trumpet fish and a brown one with stripes. They are ambush hunters who inhale their prey – like a vacuum sweeper.