Rain… So what’s new about that, buttercup?

Cairns, Queensland, Australia – Feb 2018

No pictures from here today. So, I took a random dive back to Australia and landed in Cairns.

Where they have BATS.

Lots of bats

In fact, there was a lot to love about Cairns. So much so, that I might go back for another go at it this winter. 

It is a dilemma. I am running out of time to go places. So, I shouldn’t take do-overs. But, I am running out of time to go places – so, I don’t want to waste it going somewhere crappy.  

Fours years ago today, I came down to the Asylum and give them a $2,600 deposit to get on the waiting list. It was not one of the best days of my life. Little did I know that in less than 2 weeks I would be a widow. 

DC Colored Pencil Society Art Exhibit

This photo is from this afternoon here at the Asylum. The woman is the artist and Frank, a resident, is one of those people who can talk the ears off a gargoyle. 

Best thing today: “Computer, tell me a joke about yourself” and Alexa says “A person didn’t laugh at one of my jokes, so I put it on their to-do list and set a reminder.” Hey, it is a rainy day.

Second best thing. Remembering how much I liked Cairns.

this would be funny…

Happy Autumnal Equinox – cabbage white butterfly and Michaelmas Daisy – today

Okay, we all have to go vote. In this election. In every election. Even for dog catcher. 

I have this Facebook friend. The nicest lady ever. She would visit you in the hospital. Bring you mac and cheese if misfortune overtook you. Take care of your plants and pets. She is also 100% Trump supporter…

She posted this on Facebook yesterday.

The dear lady completely misses that:

  1. It is an obvious Photoshop job. and
  2. That her hero is handing a flood victim a maga hat. so
  3. The whole thing was put together by the anyone but Trump camp to start with.

This is the mentality of the Trump supporters. They cannot be swayed by reason, common sense, science or truth. We have to vote them into insignificance. 

The original photo – from several years ago in Houston.

The best part of today was when I finished my labors in my weedlot. I moved some plants around – so – I am actually hoping for rain. 

Lost in laundry land today

lined butterflyfish – January 5, 2018

No new pictures tonight. So, this nice fish and the moon from early January. 

I was lost in laundry land all morning. Decided that after 3 years, it was time to wash the bedcovers, mattress pad, all the pillowcases. (The house changes the sheets and one set of pillowcases every week.) We have two washers on my floor, but it is considered very rude to monopolize both of them. So, it took awhile. And, I did my regular laundry as well. On the plus side – all that coming and going to and from the laundry room – I aced my Fitbit count.

I wonder what an old lady’s step count should be? I haven’t been as good as I could be at hitting 10,000 per day lately. AND. I am more than a little fatter than I was when I was getting my 10K in every day. Think this could be cause and effect? 

Best thing that happened today: Well, it hasn’t happened yet. Looking forward to diving into my nice fluffy clean bed! 

You know, maybe I need a better underwater rig. No, forget that!

It’s Aloha Thursday,

It’s Aloha Thursday, no work ’til Monday. I am rather tired today. Guess I am just getting old. How can that be? 

That is one of the strangest things about getting old. Asking myself: “How did this happen?” I really never expected to be old. Live hard, die young and leave a beautiful corpse. Never trust anyone over 30. Will, you still need me, will you still feed me, When I’m sixty-four? 

And now I am seventy-four. Maybe I have five years. Maybe I have five hours. Maybe I have twenty-five years. Nobody is promised tomorrow. 

Kona, this morning.

Too bad the village is so crowded!

Best thing today: Dinner on the little patio with friends. Chili, cornbread, red wine, black coffee, and Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Ice Cream Bomb. 


The Sun is back!

No shortage of construction cranes out my window – looking east.

Three construction cranes right outside my window. Don’t think that any of these will endanger my view of the Washington Monument. But, that is what I see when I look out the window from my desk. 

Note to young people: when selecting an old folks asylum – be sure they have a bar!

Tonight there was a huge lineup at dinner. I don’t do lines well. SO, I retreated to the bar where I ordered a burger to go and a beer while I waited. Then I took my beer and burger outside for a nice al fresco dinner. There is always a way to game the system. Any system. Just ask our president.

Spent the morning being tech support for several of my friends. Fortunately, they had easy problems. Spent the afternoon doing an inventory of my sweaters and reading. Mostly reading. I don’t have very many sweaters.  Actually, I have 10. That seems like too many sweaters. Maybe I need to think about my sweaters.

Bad news from Kona – the night security guard (who is a nice old man) at my hotel was assaulted and is in critical condition in hospital in Honolulu. He never has a gun. Three known miscreants attacked him, in the hotel parking lot. 

Good news from Kona – the air is better than it has been in 10 or 12 years.

Kona – early this afternoon.


This afternoon from my window

From the looks of the clouds this afternoon – I think (HOPE?) that we will be drying out soonest.  On the plus side of all this rain — mushrooms.

Lots and lots of mushrooms. I know nothing about mushrooms. So don’t expect me to ID these things. All I know is that rabbits don’t seem to eat them. So, I will not snack on them either.

One of the nurses brought a hospital holiday cookbook from 1981 to the office today. The main attraction was who contributed recipes that was still around. I was most interested in the recipes. Goodness they were dreadful. 

If I have served this to either of my husbands – it wouldn’t have been pretty.
This one sounds absolutely frightful.

But wait! According to wikipedia – Watergate Salad is real. A Kraft concoction. Check it out. It is green and lumpy. 


Another dark and damp day…

Black is the New Black in my neighborhood. On the 25B today.

I took my HUGE “golf” umbrella to work today. It did the job. It kept me dry. By not allowing it to rain until I was safely back home. Whatever works.  And now we are having a tornado watch. If I see one out my window, I will take a picture. But, I think the evilest weather will bypass The Asylum.

Nothing much happening. And that is completely OK. Grateful that I am not in North Carolina.


Starling Flocks.

Found a flock of starlings this morning.

In this part of the world, a sure sign of the coming of autumn is flocks of starlings. Our flocks are not huge like in northern Europe – but – you still notice them.  And they make interesting “flight clouds”.  This is just the start of a flock. 

Today’s “good thing” – was brunch. The food was fine. The conversation suitably bitchy. And a tiny little chocolate dessert morsel was outstanding.

Sent the Stormtrooper rabbit hunting in my weed lot this morning.

And, the sun came out this afternoon. But, not to worry. Rain is promised again tomorrow.

Feeling a little nostalgic looking back 4 years – Carlton was still alive and I was filling out our application to The Asylum. September 16, 2014I noted that I wasn’t planning on moving until 2016 and hoped that I could manage seated yoga and dinner at 7 PM. Well, I moved in 2015, have a standing dinner date at 5:30 and still don’t do seated yoga.

6 more weeks

Washington Monument – Great Light Yesterday 

6 more weeks and I’ll be getting ready for Kona. Heck, I am ready for Kona right now. 

Best lucky thing yesterday was the picture of the Washington Monument from my window. It was cloudy humid and hazy – but for less than 60 seconds the monument and only the monument was illuminated by the setting sun. And my camera was nearby with the correct lens on… one of those times when everything works.


All this rain has provided us with interesting mushrooms.

I am a foolhardy  person…but not where mushrooms are involved. But, that one does look pretty tasty. Sort of “pumpkin spicy”.

Foolishly went to yet another committee meeting here at The Asylum. Me the person who regularly told my bosses that “I don’t get paid enough to go to meetings”. Me who told consulting clients that my hourly rate was outrageous and my go to meeting rate was twice that.

Went to a meeting. The Grounds Committee. The high point was when the oldest member of in attendance announced that she was sending the Ground Committee rules on the “The Executive Committee”. One of the rules includes a discussion of pet burials on the grounds. She wouldn’t say if it was allowed or not. Seems to me it is a “don’t ask – just do it under cover of darkness” issue.

There is a persistent urban legend that  Barnum and Baileys circus camped in our neighborhood. And that an elephant was buried near or on our property. Which makes the “pet burial” thing even funnier.

There was also a discussion of planting determinate vs indeterminate tomatoes. And the location of a library. That was after an hour and I ran screaming from the room.

I did promise to make them refrigerator magnets.

Rather nice don’t you think. Let us see if they can agree on what the magnets should say! 


Butterfly and Chainlink

The Old Bat Cave was shown off to a couple of dozen folk this afternoon. 

Then I went out for a little breath of nice humid air – and what did I see out front, but a couple of guys from my floor with a nontrivial amount of beer, wine, and other adult beverages. We may be old here at The Asylum. But most of us are firmly in the “Not Dead Yet” column.

The Asylum Bros were stocking up for a hurricane this afternoon.

Yesterday after dinner, I made a determined effort to run down The Original Mr. Bethany. I ran him down 15 years ago or so when I wanted to send him some nice pictures I had of his parents. At that time he was married and living out in one of the far western ‘burbs. 

Every now and again, I would wonder “What if they moved into The Asylum?” It wasn’t likely. There are nice places in the western counties. But, I don’t have to worry. Chuck and his lady are safely relocated to a town of 2,000 people in the mountains of North Carolina. I found them through the voter registration rolls – happy to report they are among the few (very few) Democrats in their county.

Then I was able to find  his wife on Facebook. Some happy pictures of them. So, he is having a happy life, too.  And that makes me very happy. 

Saw My Shadow …

Looking towards the office
Looking towards the bedroom
Bathroom & Closet
Looking at the unused, but lovely, kitchen

Saw my shadow today. Does that mean we will have 6 more weeks of summer?

Spent a little time blitzing up the Old Bat Cave today.  Also did some general decluttering. When you live in a studio, it doesn’t take much to start looking like a hoarder.  Even tossed 3 bottles of condiments from the fridge. Bottles of condiments that I moved here. Cooking is just not a thing that I do anymore. I have people for that. 

But, the reason for this particular spiff up is: tomorrow the Old Bat Cave will be on display. 100 or so prospective residents are let loose in The Asylum with directions to various apartments that they can look at. We have to do this because there are rarely any empty apartments. We have no “model” units because so many of the units have been seriously remodeled. My unit used to be one bedroom. But I made it into a studio. 

Most people think they want something bigger and more luxurious than the OBC. But, it suits me fine. And, that is what matters. Hope the sun is out tomorrow because it is fun to show off the view of the monuments.