Back in the ocean…

Well I made it back in the ocean today!

I think it has been 2 weeks since I was in the ocean. I bundled up in my wetsuit and decided to give it a try. I picked this side because I consider it “safer”.  My concern was having a coughing fit whilst swimming.

Swam over to Carlton’s forever home.

Seemed to be doing OK, so I swam over to greet Carlton on this our 39th anniversary. 

Catch of the day, Saddleback Butterflyfish

Coming back, ran into the pair of saddleback butterflies that I saw earlier this month. Well, I assume it is the same pair – since they are quite rare.

My other “catch of the day” was 4 almost nothing little lace Armani “bras for people who don’t need bras” at the thrift shop. For $1. Total.  For the trip. 

And, I have been really hungry all day. Hum… swim, shop, hungry… getting back to normal?

39 Years…

Peg and Carlton enroute to Bora Bora – ca 1983

Carlton didn’t do Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays etc. But, he did remember anniversaries. And, December 30 is the day that he considered our anniversary. 39 years ago. 

Feeling a little better today. Walked to Walmart for the BP drugs. And, when I got back to the hotel – I didn’t have to take an immediate nap. Definitely getting some energy back. But, not well enough to swim. Not good to get a coughing fit in the open ocean.

1118 days until January 20, 2021. 

Getting Better, I think.

One from the vault – Peg and Mr C in Rangiroa about 30 years ago.

It was a good day for pictures today – but – I wasn’t interested. Well actually I got a great picture of “where the moth was”.  So, I favorite old picture. 

Billy and I were discussing our lack of Resolutions for the new year. I could just dust off last year’s. I am sure they would still be a good idea. But, this fine list of Resolutions showed up in my computer later today:

Learn the ways of The Force
Take The Ring to Mordor
Get a letter from Hogwarts
Train a dragon
Travel with The Doctor
Work with Batman
Visit The Avengers
Fly Serenity
Sit on The Iron Throne
These all work for me. And, I’d have just about as much success with “Train a dragon” as I would with “Be a nicer person”.
My voice is coming back. Alexa understands me again. I think I had fewer coughing fits. I know  I feel better. Maybe. And, I got a text from Walmart. They decided to filled my BP ‘script. 
Still haven’t don’t anything about my trip to Australia other than getting tickets to/from Brisbane and a train ticket from Perth to Sydney. But, hey how hard can it be. They speak “English”, I am sure that I can buy anything that I need after so packing can be minimalist to the max. Think I should get the plane tickets. Makes no sense to pay absolute hot dollar for “in country” flights. Especially since I might be dropping some serious change to snorkel The Reef.

Some things are just too weird

The free shuttle bus from the cruise ship to Walmart

Why would I want to go to Walmart when I am on a cruise? But, I took advantage of the “free” shuttle. Actually, I tip the driver the $2 that the village bus costs to go from the pier to Walmart. I usually walk. It is 1.2 miles. Absolutely all up hill. Decided that I wan’t really well enough to head out on foot. I walked home. Absolutely all down hill.

I went to Walmart to get my BP prescription filled. It didn’t happen, this year Walmart decided that they wouldn’t fill a prescription written by a Nurse Practitioner. Walmart said they would “try” to get it sorted out. We’ll see.

Eggnog Tea?

Then I stopped at Safeway for a few supplies – and what did I find? Eggnog tea!  What were they thinking? But, I have been drinking a lot of tea. So, I brought a box home. It doesn’t taste like tea. It doesn’t taste like eggnog. And I will be very surprised if it makes an appearance next winter.

Have laryngitis today. When you live alone. And have no pets or plants to talk to. You discover that you have laryngitis when try to say ALEXA.  

Not great, but better…

Going North Today

Early this morning, Billy calls and said that he was up for a little walk and a road trip. Did I want to go? Well, I think I can make it – so head off. He was right about the “little walk” – I have only logged 2 miles today. Then we went north to Waimea for breakfast. 

I had huevos rancheros and some of Billy’s pancakes. SO, I must be getting better. Then we went looking around a couple of galleries. Fortunately, I left my  plastic at home. There were about 30 private jets parked at the airport (enjoy your tax break rich folk) and even one at the tiny Waimea airport. By noon, I was back home and spent the rest of the day resting.

Maybe I’ll be well enough to go for a little swim. 

Xmas -2017

Merry Christmas, Mr C – 25 December 2017 

If I were not  sick I would have swam over and said howdy to Mr C up close. But, I am still sick so, I waved to him from the pier. He understands my sinus problems.

But, on to more exciting things… I paid for my tickets to Brisbane. I already have tickets on the train from Perth to Sydney – which is not the way I wanted to go – but it was the way that had space. And, I am really seriously thinking about 3 or even 4 days on The Reef. I’ll have to nail that one soonest. I just love the ocean too much to not do it.

Here is the so called plan:

Brisbane-that is where the plane lands.
Darwin-because it is there – sounds like my kinda town. 
Perth-where the train leaves from – See my friend Leilani I hope
Sydney-where the train goes – Bridge walk?
Hobart-because it is there and the naughty museum
Cairns-the way to lizard island
Lizard island-Great Barrier Reef.  
Cairns-the way back from lizard island
Brisbane-that is where the plane leaves from

That would be from Feb2 to Mar 1. 

Fun with jumping frogs.

Made jumping frogs yesterday out of money, origami paper, the tea bag wrapper and a Xmas card. The currency version jumped best. Maybe I’ll try a fancier froggy tomorrow. 

I quarantined myself today again. I am planning a very festive dinner of Mac&Cheese – which I adore. And one of those unbelievable  tiny containers of Cherry Garcia ice cream. I treated myself to some Kindle books. Except for the sinus crap – an altogether good day. 

Xmas Eve

The Kailua Pier. Xmas Eve 2017

I am better than I was at this time yesterday. I even took a couple of pictures. Didn’t wander far. Just up the hill to the closest grocery for sushi. And across the street to the pier to get a little sun. I do not regret cancelling my Xmas plans. Secret Santa is a welcome guest. Typhoid Mary – or – Rhinovirus Peg – is not.

Local paper had an article about an acquaintance of mine – A flower arranger. When he was 12 years old his job was to do flowers for John Wayne’s wedding.  (Right here in exciting Kailua-Kona, Nov 1, 1954) Seems that Lana Turner was also staying at the Kona Inn at the time and the Hotel kicked The Duke out of the best suite in favor of Lana. I knew about the flowers, but never heard the Lana Turner part of the story.

Long time readers may recall that Paul Allen owns 5 acres across from the pier. He frequently comes over around Xmas. I think it depends on his  health and how his football team is doing.  But, this afternoon I noticed that there were cushions on his chairs. So, maybe he’ll be here. (That means we’ll have fireworks. The village can not afford fireworks. Mr Allen can afford all the fireworks he wants.)

So, Happy Xmas Eve. Instead of feasting and partying – I will be having sushi with extra wasabi and resting. It is all good.


Not better

Think of it as a Xmas star!

It is hard to be festive when you can not breathe. And when you have a headache, and your teeth hurt. Oh and did I mention insane sneezing. I am sure coughing is just around the corner. My sinus infection took it to the next level of misery last night.

But, the last time I was this under the weather with a sinus infection was in April 2014. So, I have had a nice long run. And, as I mentioned there really isn’t anything to do. Sinus infections are notoriously antibiotic resistant. So, I don’t even go there anymore. 

And, this is the first bad one I have had since Carlton died – and – it is nice not to worry that my wheezing, sneezing and complaining would bother him. (My sinus infections don’t seem to be very contagious – just my own personal misery.)

Nevertheless, I cancelled my Xmas plans. NOBODY want me in there living room. Or at their holiday table. It will be fine. If I miraculously recover, I will be happy. And, if I am still sick – I can enjoy poor health in the privacy of my own room. 

Whales! Sun!

The sun and the whales are back!

Billy called me up early this morning suggesting sunrise watch, a little walk followed by a big breakfast. I was up for that. And while we were watching the sunrise – we saw our first whales of the season At least 3 and maybe 4. 

Only in Kona, the Christmas Eve service is at 10AM.

The sinus infection is the same. But, that is to be expected. I have had problems with sinus infections for decades. And, mine are almost always caused by viruses so no reason to go the antibiotic route. You just wait. Then you are better. 

For the first time this week, I logged my 5 miles. So, maybe I am a little better. 

Australia has a lot of really cool animals. Maybe I should turn my Aussie Adventure into an animal quest. For sure have to get kangaroos, koalas, emus. Wouldn’t a platypus be cool? Impossible, but cool. 

Happy Solstice 2017

Maybe the last Xmas tree image of 2017 – or not

And here, once again is the traditional Solstice greeting that Carlton and I used for years. Even decades.

Wishing everyone the best of the festive season – no matter what it’s called at your house. In pagan traditions, the solstice is a time to put away the things of the old year and look forward to the new. One observance of the solstice involves extinguishing all the fires in your home before midnight on the eve of the solstice and lighting a new fire the next day. This probably won’t be quite as symbolic if you have central heating. Or if you are in Hawai’i.

The winter solstice falls on December 21 – the word solstice means “sun stopping.” The winter solstice is the day on which the sun reaches as far south of the equator as it gets, and is as such the shortest and darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. The solstice marks the rebirth of light for the coming spring.

The winter solstice also marks, among other things, the druid festival of Alban Arthuan – a time for bestowing gifts upon those less fortunate than ourselves. Out of this observance has grown the more popular tradition of gift-giving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, maxed-out credit cards and 70% off sales. May the goddess be with you during this season – but don’t blame her if you get fruitcake again.

I am grateful for that which I have.
I am not sorrowful for that which I do not.
I have more than others, less than some,
I am blessed with what is mine.

Carlton and I did not celebrate Xmas. But, we did observe the solstice. Summer and Winter. 

The sun is out and the snow has stopped and its a toasty 23° – Welcome Winter.

As for me, I have been enjoying poor health today. No worse than yesterday. Maybe a little better. Treatment plan is still “rest, hot tea, ibuprofen”. But today the sun was out so I did some of my resting on my lanai. Also took a small walk.  

Only have round trip tickets to Brisbane and a train ticket from Perth to Sydney. And I am really tempted to “treat” myself to 3 days on Lizard Island. Heck, the whole trip is a treat for me. “Later” has officially become “If not now, when?”

Not best ever day.

Gray and Damp for day 2.

The gray and damp isn’t the problem. The problem is that I seem to have caught the respiratory bug that has been running around the island. Hopefully, I have a “lite” version. Most people end up going to Urgent Care and getting antibiotics. But, I figure there is a greater than 50% chance that it is viral – so – I’ll pass on a trip to Urgent Care. Rest, hot tea, ibuprofen. For now – that is my “treatment plan”.

While resting I reflected on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Like so many of us, Meghan had a starter husband. Wonder how starter dude feels about his ex marrying a prince. Megan sure did “the best revenge is living well” thing to the max. 

I started reading the old Travis McGee hardboiled detective books. There were about 20 of them – first one in 1964. Not very intellectual. I believe they are all available in Kindle format. 

Yes, another tree –


The skinny tree

If you are looking at the skinny tree around Dec 19, 2017 – the header picture is a detail shot of this tree.’s feather and lauhala decorations. 

Gray and rainy (or snowy) all day today. 

I had a nice restful day – a friend made fine enchiladas this morning. She is from New Mexico and knows what she is doing enchilada-wise. So, I had a fine lunch with ample leftovers for tomorrow. 

About the Australian Adventure:

  • Round trip from Kona to Brisbane locked in.
  • Train from Perth to Sydney paid for – I was planning on going the other direction, but east to west was sold out for February.  So, west to east is good. 
  • Got my Aussie Visa. Paid for my Visa with my Visa card.

What more do I need? A plan to get back to the Asylum. A couple of US2AU electric plug adapters. Not in the least concerned that there is anything that I might need or want that isn’t available in Australia. Well, guess I should be sure I have 30 days of BP drugs.