tweet-gito ergo sum?

fuzzy peggy - 04aug09
fuzzy peggy - 04aug09

Now that I have a twitter account  – now what? Do old ladies tweet? do they tweet about depends? Or my very favorite “keep government out of healthcare” from people on Medicare?

I checked on my goth  granddaughter. Her choice of twitter background is the same as mine. one of us should be very worried.

Went and tweaked  my tweet page a little. Don’t want to have the same background as goth girl child.

Feel free to tweet at me – just don’t expect me to tweet back!

forgive me, father, for i have tweeted

Well, I opened a twitter account. When I found out that United had cheaper plane fares available to tweeters. The older I get the harder it is to stay in the technology fast lane. Who am I kidding, I long ago left the fast lane. Heck, I am just trying to stay out of technology Depends.

And not two days after I update my Word Press software – it starts nagging me to upgrade again. Sigh.

no eggs, please

Management put up a notice in the elevators announcing that it tossing eggs off the balconies at pedestrians is not allowed. One of my neighbors said that he would not have paid an extra 100K for a balcony if he had known he couldn’t lob eggs over the edge. As for me, eggs are too expensive to toss. But then I buy eggs from fat red chickens at the farm market. Might feel like tossing eggs over board if I got them at Costco.

GOOD NEWS: I slapped the mouse a few times and bingo – it returned to life. I know it is a Microsoft mouse. But, we do get attached to our mice. Figure that I’ll die with mine gripped in my liver spotted hand.

I wasn’t born in the USofA, either

peg's birth certificate
peg's birth certificate

Like President Obama, I wasn’t really born in the USA. I was born in West, BY GOD, Virginia. And, if anyone thinks that WV is a part of the USA – well, they haven’t been there. Radio announcers used to say “Good Morning America, and you too West Virginia”. Heck, I was over 50 before I would admit that I was born there.

Are there no Republicans out there with both brains and guts enough to shout down the “base”?  It is a sad day for the grand ole party when I look back fondly at Newt Gingrich.

I recall that the Republic survived the KnowNothing Party – yes, boys and girls, in the 40’s and 50’s (1840’s) there was a Know Nothing Party, whose platform included such popular themes as:

  • Severe limits on immigration especially of Catholic
  • Restricting political office to native-born Americans – but not black, native Americans or women
  • Mandating a wait of 21 years before an immigrant could gain citizenship
  • Restricting public school teachers to Protestants
  • Mandating daily Bible readings in public schools
  • Restricting the sale of liquor

Sound familiar???

unresolved discontent

The little red lunch - the Puputela
The little red lunch - the Puputela

I am suffering from what Carlton calls “unresolved discontent”.  That sounds classier than “in a funk”. No matter what you call it – it is  not approved behavior in our household.

But hey, at least I am not dead. You can tell I am alive because I updated my blog.

It is getting worse. I think my beloved mouse just died. New batteries did not return it to life. Now using the #3 backup mousie.

this just in …

Carlton just reserved 4 months at our place in Kona this winter. We usually do 3 months.

And, friend’s wife was just nominated to be the Ambassador to the Republic of Mauritius and to the Republic of Seychelles.

Life could be interesting here in the old lane…

moving on to wordpress 2.8.2

Daisy at Nature Conservancy - L1 w/pancake lens
Daisy at Nature Conservancy - L1 w/pancake lens

Well, I am all ready to upgrade to WP 2.8.2 from 2.7.1. I have backed everything up and upgraded the supporting cast members. Now we push the Please update now button that has been nagging me for a couple of months.

Well, so far so good.

After putzing around with the blog software – I took the camera and new lens over to the Nature Conservancy weed lot for a little photo play. The trouble with the L1 is that I like it too much. It makes my pointer and shooter seem a little lame.

Carlton and I just had a really strange conversation. First he implied that my dressing left something to be desired but that what I wear isn’t any business of his. Well, I know he hates green. So, I have nothing green. I doesn’t like clothes that are loose, baggy or unstructured either. But, I wear those things. And, I’ll agree that I don’t dress like he would like. But, when was the last time he took me anywhere that required “proper lady” clothes?

Second, he explained that he didn’t intend to ever go to the doctor to get any tests for any thing any more. He was just going to die. He does go to the skin cancer guy and the dentist. In a way that is what my dad did. And, he lived to be 82. Mom, who enjoyed poor health and went to the doctor all the time, lived to be 82. Dad spent 2 weeks dying of cancer. Mom spent 5 months. They both ended up dead. So, Carlton might have something.

What I wear is my business and if Carlton doesn’t want a colonoscopy – that is his business.

hot today

pink flower - L1 w/new pancake lens
pink flower - L1 w/new pancake lens

Took the L1 and outfitted with the new lens with me on the way to volunteer this morning. This is my favorite image from the walk.

I had planned on “working” for 3 hours. Ended up working 5 hours. I was very hot and tired by the time I walked back home. So, the rest of the day was spent in the shade by the pool.

At the pool, I noticed another sign of the economic downturn. Water. That is the sign. Just out side the pool we have a “Coke” machine. It is mostly stocked with water. Last summer everyone drank bottled water. Usually water from the vending machine. This year, everyone shows up with water from home. And, the water seems to have come from the faucet. Radical.

you gotta love his diet…

Bill Clinton with Z Burger owner Peter Tabibian at the Tenleytown restaurant Saturday night. (Photo - Peter Tabibian, Washington Post)
Bill Clinton with Z Burger owner Peter Tabibian at the Tenleytown restaurant Saturday night. (Photo - Peter Tabibian, Washington Post)

You may not agree with his politics, but you have to admit – that boy knows where to go for a great takeout dinner when the Mrs is working late.

Bill Clinton waiting in line for his to-go meal at Tenleytown’s Z Burger on Saturday night. Blue polo shirt with his eyeglasses clipped into the collar. Posed for photos and signed autographs during his 30-minute stay before leaving with dinner — double burger (hold the mayo), onion rings, french fries, apple pie, milkshake. – this morning’s Washington Post

ordinary urban old lady saturday

  1. Walk to the grocery with my little push cart.
  2. Take bus to farm market.
  3. Walk from farm market to Free People, Apple Store, Container Store. Look at funky clothes for much younger women. Fondle Apples. Purchase a thingie to help old folk open jars.
  4. Take subway home.
  5. Rest up after all that activity.

Why did I spend 20+ years living in a house in the ‘burbs? When the first husband walked, my friends told me to move into the city. Why didn’t I listen? Inertia, I guess.

But, the profits made from the timely sale of the house in the ‘burbs are looking sweet today.

after the storm

after the storm
after the storm

After I got stuck in the monsoon yesterday – the sun came out and we had a nice rainbow.

Pig flu is stalking around my hospital these days. But, hey, it is a hospital. We have sick people. At this instant, pig flu appears  no  worse than generic flu. That can change.

what ever happens is what I planned

stuck in the rain
stuck in the rain

Sure, I planned to take pictures of rain. Been planning that all week.

Developing a poor attitude about the volunteer  job… Been really really tempted to ask “Exactly when did your lack of planning become my emergency?”