Hey, It’s June Already

Hey, it is June. General Motors has declared bankruptcy. Something seems wrong about Fiat buying Chrysler and Jeep. (Remember, boys and girls, Jeep is a WW2 vet.)  And, GM goes bellyup. Now, let it be said that in my 50 years of car ownerhip I have owned all or part of:

  1. British built Metropolitian
  2. WV
  3. Austin Mini – the original
  4. BMW
  5. Jaguar
  6. Fiat
  7. Honda, another Honda
  8. Alfa
  9. Miata
  10. Plus 3 or 4 boring Toyota products

So, an American manufactured car has never darkened my driveway. It would seem that I am part of the problem.  But, Ike Turner’s Rocket 88 is on my Fitness Walking playlist. That is about as close to a GM product as I get.

Working with WordPress

Today – seeking a better way to do photo galleries with WordPress.

Apparently this needs work … time to RTFM. Or go to the pool. Or take a nap.

Now that is better. I took a nap. And took a peak at the documentation. This is sweet.

But, one image does not make a photo gallery.

This is good too… I am using the NextGen Gallery plug-in.  I am having way too much fun with this.

Did a power walk this morning. Blood pressure still pretty spooky. Might try 2 power walks per day. That cuts an entire hour out of the day. Of course, death would cut 24 hours out of every day.

Day At The Races

Clarendon Bike Race - L1 w/kit lens

500 plus images came home from the bike race. Less than 50 remain. Doing better – keeping up with the newcomers at least.

Really tired tonight. Been trying to get in a “forced march” every day. That would be 30 minutes of walking like I am going to miss the last train out of town. I hope  that I will get used to the forced march and will start feeling stronger. For now, I just feel tired. Very tired.

I am trying to knock my blood pressure down. Carlton is sort of a “Christian Scientist” w/o the God component. He doesn’t approve of modern “life style meds”. Meds  that try to control blood pressure, cholesterol, sleeping, etc. So, I am trying to keep my BP out of the scary range with exercise.  And diet.

BTW – Carlton is OK with antibiotics and aspirin.

A WordPress Project.

tame iris found at farm market - the last iris of the year - maybe
tame iris found at farm market - the last iris of the year - maybe. L1 w/kit lens

I managed to batter my images from 2001 into the previous post. My latest WordPress project will be to find a more elegant solution. I am sure there is one to be had. I just have to kick my senior brain cells into action.

Farm market – one block away – opened today. Not much to be had yet – but the old vendors were back. I got asparagus, strawberries  and honey. And an apple turnover for Carlton.

Bike racing this weekend.

2001 – a photographic wipeout

Think I have finished culling, editing and cataloguing my images from 2001.  Next step is to  select  the top 20 and have a little book printed. Well, I can not find 20 that I good enough to include. So, I shall resort to the last refuge of the amateur photographer – family snapshots. Forgive me. Also trying to figure out how to do pictures with word press. Stay tuned. Ah, I see – titles muck up the thumbnails. Found a better way. NextGEN Gallery Plug-in.

Enough already. Time get on with the important work of the day – bathroom cleaning!

Nobody is Promised Tomorrow

MomIda - December 2001
MomIda - December 2001

I am finishing up the photographs from 2001. Came upon this snapshot of “MomIda”. She was looking happy and healthy. Thirteen months later she was dead. Which reminds us – Nobody is Promised Tomorrow.

So, Peg, keep deleting those photos.  Keep simplifing your life. Keep stuff organized. Never know when you’ll be shipping out.

Carlton and I have reached the age where – as a friend’s father says – “Keep your blue suit pressed”. Well, I don’t have a blue suit. But, I do have a “Final Exit Play List” – suitable for listening to while on route to funeral/memorial service.

A Change Is Gonna Come  –  Neville Brothers
The Far Side Banks Of Jordan –  June Carter and Johnny Cash
In This Life – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Looking Forward  –  Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Goodbye My Friend  –  Keali’i Reichel
Lullabye (Good Night, My Angel)   –  Billy Joel
Someday Soon –  Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Dress Sexy At My Funeral –  Smog
St James Infirmary –  Louis Armstrong
Tears In Heaven –  Eric Clapton
Will The Circle Be Unbroken  – Neville Brothers
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – B.B. King
Only Good Times  –  Keola & Kapono Beamer
The End of the End – Paul McCartney

Ever Thin Man

Dashill Hammett - Arlington Cemetery
Dashiel Hammett - Arlington Cemetery

Every time a go on a photo trip to Arlington Cemetery – I make it a point to seek out a specific grave. This time I went to find Dashiel Hammett – author of hardboiled detective stories – inventor of Sam Spade and Nick and Nora. He spent WW2 in Alaska and was blacklisted in the 1950’s. Thanks for all the good stories Sgt Hammett.

BTW – he is buried in an “ordinary” location – not in one of the VIP sections.

Long Weekend Over

Who says men don't know how to accessorize

Got the 297 Rolling Thunder photographs from this week’s bike extravaganza down to 69. Think that is enough culling. And, I don’t think this character would look more biker-ly in black and white.


Okay – I’ll stop playing with black and white. Enough fun already. Back to deleting and cataloging 2001.

The Mall

Lincoln Memorial/WWII Memorial
Lincoln Memorial/WWII Memorial

After three days of snapping photos – I have 297 more to deal with. Maybe it will rain tomorrow and I’ll finish up this year’s Rolling Thunder images.

I have to report that the 3 pound $1000 camera takes better pictures than the 4 ounce $150 camera. Sigh.

At Arlington Cemetery


Neither today’s nor yesterday’s image work for me. And I do think bikers should be in black and white. Otherwise they look too festive or too much like the Village People.

I tweaked yesterday’s guy with dog….

Sounds of Summer – Rolling Thunder

FNG Biker and Designer Dog
FNG Biker and Designer Dog

First day of Summer. Bikers rolled in about noon. They will rumble around until Sunday afternoon.

First day of pool season as well. The current Russian Life Guard Girl is from Siberia. She said the water was too cold for her. I lounged. I am real good at lounging.

I am not too shabby about ignoring the potential for homelessness come later this summer.

Funny how these things happen

This week has been devoted to “Looking at apartment options”. And Mr C was gleefully looking forward to haggling over the new lease. I was just going to hide until everything was settled.

Well, late yesterday afternoon – out landlord rings up and says that the co-owner of our unit is declaring bankruptcy and that the status of the unit is undetermined.

To be continued later …