Overalled Seasider

you are not in kansas anymore big guy

First, to be sure, if I were sitting next to this guy on a plane ride – I’ll commit sekkupu with my nail-clippers.

But, then I stopped to think about it. Making a plane trip from middle America with a budget tour group had to be seriously uncomfortable for this guy. And, he did honor us by getting a new pair of double-wide bibs. He made an effort. And, I hope he had a nice time.

I took a couple of days off from the photo culling process. But, I got back with the program today.

Honestly, I am trying to enjoy The Elegance of the Hedgehog – but I am just not getting it.

super sunset

super bowl weekend sunset

To all friends and family in the east – a nice sunset from Kona. Actually, it is a little chilly here. But, you don’t want to hear about it :).

Today’s lunch was shark with a nice lemon, pepper and butter sauce. Coming up on the last days in winter camp – I’ll ramp up the “local” foods. Fish, pineapple, avocado, spam…


3 birds
Three Birds in the last palm tree

Well, we Democrats no longer have a super majority in the Senate – but, it didn’t seem to do us much good.

The stock market is having a sinking spell. It is no longer possible to live gracefully on interest income – sparing the principal.

And a band of baptists who have been behaving badly – trafficking in children in Haiti – are resting easy in a Haitian jail.

Another snow storm has taken aim on Arlington.

Just another day early in the 21st century.

Sandwiches are around today. No “real” meals. I complain about Carlton and his ways a lot. But, the man will eat any garlic and onion free well done food that you put in front of him. And for that I am truly grateful.

stuck in a comic strip

I feel like I am stuck in a Cathy comic strip. But, I have spent most of my life feeling stuck in some comic strip or the other.

My fish monger Tweeted that he had way too much albacore tuna – so albacore tuna, avocado, tomato made lunch. Salami sandwiches with chips is going to be dinner.

About WordPress Media Library – Do not believe it if it says that an image is “unattached”. It seems to be like a married man from the last century – you could not believe what they said about their marital status.

an image free day

No picture today. Oh, I have some new images in my camera – but – I am too lazy to download them.

One of my favorite things to prepare at home is pasta salad. But, I have not figured out how to cook pasta in the nuker. Today, I made a really passable pasta salad using fresh yakisoba noodles.  I nuked some broccoli in a steamer bag for 3 minutes – then I added the yakisoba noodles. And about a tablespoon of water – and nuked the noodles and veggies for another 2 minutes. After I draining the noodles – added ranch dressing and salsa. Then put avocado, tomatoes, and some chicken on top.

My microwave coach sent the following:

Pasta, shells or fettuccine;  break the fettuccine into  about 2 inch sections.  put 2 tablespoons of canola oil with water  in a see through container bring to a boil, then put the pasta in and stir, then nuke for a couple minutes stir again to keep from sticking together, then nuke again for about 3 or so test for tenderness.  I usually set the power at 5 for the second go around.  Works for me might work for U.  Let me know if/when you try it how it does in the Pacific Islands.  Zee

from the pool

bethanys are not pretty
bethanys are not pretty

The bethany is not a thing of beauty. And they don’t look very happy either.

I checked on our crappy flight home today. And it cheerfully told me that I could check in in 29 days. I didn’t need to be reminded. Will try not to complain about the crappy flight. Since it was free.

Also, I fully intend to endure Carlton’s displeasure and send most of my stuff home via UPS or USPS.  I am not a pack animal. Especially when 3 airplanes and a subway ride are in the mix. And, since checking a single bag cost $25 – I figure I can deduct that from the USPS bill. $30 should take care of things nicely. I’ll schlep my computer, backup drives, computer power cords and bricks and expensive camera back. USPS can take everything else.

Still chugging thru my culling and cataloging. A made a discovery – every single fun thing in the last 5 years was instigated by my daughter. Oh I have lots of ideas. I am just lacking in action. I keep thinking – I’ll just put off this or that until “later” – meaning after Carlton “is gone”… Hello girlfriend … who exactly said that he will be in the first boarding group? Nobody is promised tomorrow.

More from poolside

In the hotel pool - b/w
kona seaside early sunday morning

Every photographer on the planet loves taking pictures of large Polynesian men teaching their keiki about the water. They go about it in such a gentle and loving way – no wonder most kids can swim before they can walk.

For the record: I learned how to swim from my father too. His technique was to push me off a fishing pier when I was 4 or 5. I assume that he would have saved me if I had started to sink.

Today’s unnecessary adventure was caused by my mask – which busted a strap out in the ocean. Now how exactly is one supposed to swim with a mask in one hand and a snorkel in the other?

Chicken katsu and guacamole sandwiches for lunch. Chili and leftover rice for dinner. Sort of low on nutrition!

A cloudy day

Haarlem - April 2008

We are having a cloudy day – I sort of took the day off from having fun. Did kitchen things – made bean salad, used up all the old fruit and veggies. Made some fine shark with mustard sauce.

And, I did cataloging and culling. Nothing like cataloging to remind one of good times. And to set the mind to thinking about new trip and new pictures.

I also did some work on my fixed income portfolios. I stashed some money in a corporate bond – and they told me this:

Putable upon on death – isn’t that a cheery concept? I guess I’ll just not die.

surf’s up

got surf today
we have surf today

Surf’s up today. Not way up. But up enough to mess up the sea for snorkeling and general lazy swimming. So, I did the pool thing. And went to to ocean to watch the surfers.

Had shark, yellow squash and cone sushi for lunch. The ever popular turkey and avocado sandwiches are on tap for dinner.

Sailing away

Going to Maui
The Blue Bie Sailed off to Maui

After doing the blog yesterday, I stepped outside to check the sunset – and saw Philip sailing off towards Maui. As you can tell from Paul Allen’s palm trees – he had a favourable wind.

GUT CHECK TODAY. After finishing the laundry and defrosting the fridge – I dug the size six jeans out of the back of the closet and tried them on. They still fit. Will try them on again around Valentine’s Day. I would hate to have to make an emergency trip to Wal Mart on March 2nd for a bigger pair of pants.

About the iPad. Is it just me? Why did they call it an iPad? It sounds like a feminine hygiene product. Sorry Apple. Later: Just been reading about the iPad online – seems like others agree with me about the unfortunate name.

Name aside. Do I want one? Not yet. I’ll wait for Gen 2. Next year’s version will be twice as powerful and cost 1/2 as much. Of course, this could change. I could be overcome by technology envy. I don’t see as how it can replace the Airness as a travel buddy. And for a small trip – the Touch works fine.

Gotta watch the State of the Union message now.


Unknown blue triggerfish
Unknown blue triggerfish

I think this is some sort of triggerfish. It has been hanging out around the pier most of the winter. And, I have been trying to figure out what triggerfish it is. It might be a filefish. But, I don’t know what kind of filefish it might be either.

Sort of a do nothing day today. This is the last day of Carlton’s “weekend”.

Our Swiss friend, Philip – who is sailing around the world – is sailing away this evening. Heading for Hana, Maui. He has a webpage. Check it out. I should use Philip as an inspiration for one of my bucket list entries – go around the world by plane. Or at a minimum take the train across the US and come back across Canada.