sign of the times

mouse trap coupon
mouse trap coupon

Now this is something new but not necessarily a good sign. Mouse trap grocery coupons. Does this mean that people are cutting back on the exterminator service? Or are rats on the increase?

another fine day

building next door reflection across the street - L1/new lens
building next door reflection across the street - L1/new lens

Another image from yesterday’s photo-stroll. The flag hanging from the blue building is a part of our local 9/11 flag tradition.

The hospital has some of the world’s lamest software. It is supposed to record what our office does to the employees. For example, if we give an employee a flu shot – I record that in the system. And, I can get the system to print out a list of “everyone who got a flu shot”. It will not give up the names of employees who did NOT get a flu shot. I think I have finally accepted that I am a volunteer and I do not have to solve this problem. If the giant brains at the hospital can not figure out how to do it – well, then they’ll just have to hire a herd of temps to keep track of flu shots for 2000 + employees. I am worth about what I am paid.

The MacBook Air vs Lenovo x301 race. Mac is winning right now. Ubuntu is a fine OS – but it takes a non-trivial amount of tweaking to make all the usual laptop goodies work. For example on my little U810 – I have never been able to make the keyboard lights work. So, my feeling is – if I am going to have a top end laptop – I’ll want all the do-dads to work. Also. Linux isn’t too good with battery life/temperature control.

Why do I want a new laptop – especially since I am happy with the really cheap very used Dell box? Well, the aforementioned U810 really is too tiny for these old eyes. And, I NEED a travel computer. A non-Windows travel computer. So, it is a Mac or Lenovo w/Ubuntu.

sunny lazy day

Across the steet - L1/new lens
Across the steet - L1/new lens

Nice sunny lazy day. Wandered around taking pictures. Lounged around the pool. Played MacBook Air or Lenovo x301 head games. Life is good. Too good. The forces of evil must be lurking nearby.


nothing much happening today. most exciting thing was I got a nose bleed.

Went to the apple store and looked at the new iPods and old MacBooks. I am getting closer to the MacBook Air. Or the Lenovo X301. My old hang up with the Air is getting yet another OS in the house. This time last year I was just playing with Linux from LiveCD. Now, I use it for almost everything. I have stopped using Roboform and am now happy with Keypass(x) – which runs on Mac’s too. More stuff has moved to “the cloud”. But their is still my tax software, photo catalog, and movie copy software. These still need Windows.

But, I really don’t want to worry about all the Windows hassles anymore. I am getting closer to drinking Job’s Jungle Juice.

Anna Karenina – all 35 hours worth – is still available on iTunes for 95cents. Must be the correct price.


The rent thing is taken care of. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t want to move until I was asking myself is it worth $450 a month more to stay here.  But, the landlord accepted that the world changed since we signed our lease 5 years ago.

So here we stay “home is where your stuff is”.

9/11 – An old set of photos taken from a powerpoint presentation sent to me in Alaksa by an old Navy buddy. Check it out.

another september task

Carlton and I have differing views about how much rent we should pay. And, I am sure the landlord has a  view too. This has to be resolved. Or it is moving time. I don’t think I’ll deserve a “treat” for doing this task. My treat is being a renter not an owner.

I do get a reward for spending 72 hours in the country. I am thinking about a sweet Levi jeans jacket. New. Not thriftshopped. The thrift shop ones are nicely worn and weathered – but too big.


The good news from Apple is that I do not have to have a new iPod. The new Touch isn’t all that much better than the one I got last fall.

Clipboard01A happy mistake? I snagged 35 hours of Anna Karenina for 95 cents. We’ll see if Apple comes looking for more money. Or if they try to ZAP my book like Amazon did to some Kindles.

one second after

heron - lake anna
heron - lake anna

One Second After by William R. Forstchen. It is right wing, gun toting, claptrap if you want it to be. Claptrap with some very suspect grammar and questionable automobile “facts”. But, I am revisiting the post-apocalyptic genre. If you get over the grammar and talk radio right wing hysteria – it is OK. It is not great literature like The Road. Just a story – in dire need of grammar-checker – designed to scare the crap out of the reader.

Our enemies were smart enough to figure out how to crash jet planes into buildings. So, I’ll accept that “they” could set off an EMP generating nuke. But, just as likely – the sun will flare up – big time – like on September 1, 1859 – Carrington Super Flare. But, the idea that “they” did it to us makes for better right wing, gun toting talk show hyperventilating.

survived the rural life

Southerners are just too friendly
Southerners are just too friendly

No pictures worth showing. Didn’t run into a deer. Didn’t see any snakes. No internet, computer, or cell service for 48+ hours. Survived.

A no-tech weekend on tap

Heading off to the wilds of Lake Anna for the weekend. I am making it into a modified no-technology retreat. Oh I am taking the L1 w/new killer lens and the iPod and maybe the charger for the pod. But, that is it. No computer. No online. For 48 – 72 hours depending on how long we stay. Doesn’t that sound like fun boys and girls.

I really hate the country. Peace, solitude, maybe deers that jump out in front of your car. Yellow jackets and snakes too. The lake is warm. That is the good news. The bad news is that it is warmed by a nuclear power plant. Sigh.

If I survive life in the country then I get to move on to a visit to the dentist, a mammogram and cystocopy. These are strung out like little “jewels” during the rest of September.

I just decided – the iPod charger is definitely making the trip. Tunes to out shout the buzz of insects.

Look on the darker side maybe there will be stars. We don’t have stars in the city. Sometimes I feel like I am living in the Isaac Asimov sci-fi classic Nightfall.

So, if I don’t blog for a few days I haven’t died. I am just enjoying pastoral solitude – cemeteries are like that too.

Truth in bitching. We have yellow jackets in the city too.