Out Boxed

Over run with boxes

The bedroom is the empty box staging area. The living room is the full box storage area. Up to box #28.

The younger family members have urging me to “FaceBook”. I am resisting. But, I’ll say this about FaceBook. It does allow one to check out the former husband’s successful and younger – but heavier – wife.

Thank you Arizona – your state house has made me feel a little better about Virginia.  Apparently, they passed a bill requiring the Presidential Candidates submit a birth certificate to the Arizona Sec. of State. Check it out.

Since I feel that I don’t pay enough Virginia income tax – my foundation sent off a contribution to the Arlington Free Clinic. After that settles out, I’ll send some off the the Arlington Library. I was going to send it all to the Library – but that seemed a little self serving. And, this is not an exercise in self serving. Using an anonymous donation via the foundation keeps me off begging mailing lists – which is not  how I want my contribution spent.

another for the vault

Carlton gets married ca 1958

Before tossing the album from Carlton’s first wedding – some images went into the photo vault. I guess it could use a little tweaking and dust removal – but, it isn’t like I really care. Except I do like the whole 1950’s feel of everything.

Today, I packed some boxes, walked down to Clarendon (and back), while in Clarendon I bought Carlton a pair of bike brake pads for a belated Birthday present.

Peace and Grace to Dr Dorothy Height. We are so fortunate to have had her with us for so long.

one for the vault

if bullshit were electricity, carlton would have been a powerhouse

Something new – this is going into the vault.

But, as for the resume – it doesn’t actually say he ever did anything… I plan to have the last paragraph read at his “Life Celebration”.

Some things shouldn’t be considered too carefully.

  • Things like my 20 some boxes. If I can box all that stuff up weeks before moving – do I really need what is in the boxes?
  • Things like a big ass smelly expensive Lexus being recalled for a “software error”.
  • Things like changing your gas service online and getting “Error occurred while Calling the Java Method” message. That does not instill confidence in the gas company.

a day late from the vault


I was so busy boxing yesterday that I didn’t remember to honor Carlton on his 75th birthday. So, from the vault – a picture of Carlton during his smallkidtime. Haven’t a clue about the identity of the big kid or man.

I took the day off from all things moving.

Fortunately, I sold most of my Goldman stock about a month ago. Sometimes the goddess looks after old women.


today was about boxing. we are about boxed out. at least i am. too out boxed to use the shift key.

all of my cooking gear – save the cast iron skillets have been boxed. no  flights of culinary excellence for the foreseeable future.

Great Wall of Boxes

The Great Wall of Boxes

Here it is – some of the boxes. Up to 18 boxes and 3 milk crates already. Mr C. even packed a box this morning.

Somewhere along the line – taking the camera out for a little exercise got lost.

Took myself out for a little exercise. Walked down to the Whole Foods Grocery to collect the makings for a nice lunch salad. The new digs is much closer to Whole Foods. And the Apple Store. And, for that matter – Crate and Barrel if I decide to “decorate”.

Might pass on decorating. Well, except for the computer area. The new apartment does not have a computer altar.

I’ll “decorate” when I move to the Little Old Ladies Home. Get walker-friendly furniture. A dresser with lots of room for Depends.

New Metro Stop

Woodley Park Station

Actually, this is not our new Metro stop. This is the “going home from the zoo” metro stop. I was just reviewing some of the pictures from my new camera. I am not yet 100% happy with it. So, I am planning a morning of serious photography tomorrow. I might even RTFM. I am sure there is nothing wrong with the camera – we have just not become friends, yet.

On the moving front – we did our USPS change of address forms – me online, Carlton on paper. And, I made Carlton new “retirement” cards – with the new address. And old phone number. I am also going to get him a new cordless phone/answering machine as a reward for waiting  “for the next available operator…” yesterday.

My Hero

My Hero

Carlton is my hero of the day.  He took on Verizon this afternoon. I tried to move our service online. Online Verizon said we must get a new number. Hello, it is 6 blocks away. We don’t even get a new Zip Code, just a new Metro Stop. Since I don’t use the phone – I really don’t care. But, he cares. So, the man waited on hold for “the next available operator”. Seems that you can keep you number if you enter your street as “North Nelson” not “N Nelson”. Only thing is – on line if you enter North Nelson – it is converted to N Nelson. Which is Verizon’s way of doing the address.

Carlton thinks everything is all set up. I wouldn’t count on it. It doesn’t matter, he is now the official family Go To Guy for all things Verizon.

one more from the vault…

My first boyfriend, ca 1957

From the vault – sounds like a Dead album.

That would be my first beau. Jim H. McCoy. Not James. Jim. A Texan of course. Wonder what happened to him?

Took a carload of stuff to the Goodwill this morning. Then I went to Trader Joe’s to get some easy and tasty foods to see me thru the rest of this move. My purse was traveled on the passenger seat. I got a four-pack of Guinness (among other things). I put the beer in my purse. When I started home – I put the purse back on the passenger seat. And, bingo, the fasten seatbelt sign came on. Smart car. It knew that there was something that really need protection on the seat. 4 cans of Guinness.

cull pack cull pack cull pack

I got back with the moving program this afternoon. Culled out some of my “luggage” type stuff. If it hasn’t been on a trip in 2 years it is going to Goodwill.

Added some duplicate kitchen items and questionable wardrobe items to the Goodwill box as well.

Moving day is April 28. Carlton didn’t want to get the new place until April 28. And, we have to turn this place back to the owner on April 30. Frankly, I would have liked to get the new place earlier – it is empty – so I could do some preliminary work in the new place. And be sure the utilities are all in place… I am pretty sure the gas and electric will be OK and equally sure that the phone/internet will be problematic.

And, I don’t know if rabbit ears will work there. Yes, boys and girls, we still use rabbit ears. No, I don’t use dial-up. I use DSL – but, I am thinking that Verizon is going to try to push me over to FIOS. I am so not looking forward to dealing with Verizon. WiMax comes to within 1/2 mile of us. I would love to tell Carlton. “If you want phone service – you deal with Verizon.” But 1/2 mile isn’t close enough.

Moving …

The Eniac, 1946
Eniac, ca 1946

Moving. In true PB mode – I wasted a lot of time distracting myself from moving putzing around with “budgeting” softwares. I was happy with Mint until late February when it stopped working for me. Since it is free, I haven’t much reason to complain. And, I really don’t need a budget. There are only two amounts of money. Enough and Not Enough. But, it got me out of moving mode for 6+ hours.

Sarah Palin. I have decided that she really is an entertainer. Not a dangerous political leader. There – now I feel better about America. Haven’t figured out how to feel better about Virginia.

About the Eniac. Now that was a computer. It had 17,000 or so vacuum tubes and weighed in at a dainty 30 tons.