Still not a wildlife photographer

Dolphins from the room

This winter is devoted to all things photographic. This includes taking pictures of living moving creatures.

Carlton seems to be getting over the pig flu. I haven’t gotten it (yet).

Note to old people: at least one old person, i.e., Carlton was not protected from swine flu by virtue of age. You can not believe everything your government tells you.

Note to Obama: LBJ is dead – so you can not ask him about what to do in Afghanistan. But, Mr Gorbachev is very much alive. Invite him to dinner. Talk story.

sick call

Carlton seems to be getting better. My biggest problem is keeping him from going out and about and exposing the population to the swine flu. I was hoping for rain today to help. As you can see from the picture – no such luck.

breaking news

Surfer at Honl’s – L1

I think that Carlton has the swine flu. He sure as hell has some kind of flu.

Of course he will not consider going to the doctor – and since I am pretty sure it be the flu – I agree. I do not agree that going for a nice swim in the ocean is a good idea.

Winter storm warning just announced on our TV. Expecting lots of rain and a little snow up top.

the gecko

Gecko - L1
Gecko - L1

Another day of getting settled in.

Dinner is going to be nuked potato with broccoli and cheese. Had fine turkey and cheese sandwiches with avocado and tomato salad for lunch.

rainbow days

rainbow out my bedroom window
rainbow out my bedroom window

My first picture from Kona is actually from Arlington. This is the best picture from my camera. A wonderful rainbow that made a brief visit last week.

Spent today setting up camp. Unpacking, finding places for everything, testing the toys, getting basic supplies…


Made it to Kona some 16+ hours after we left home. It is 9:11 PM here, 2:11 AM back home. So, I am thinking that it is time to call it a day.

All ready to go

The only thing left on the to do list is “make doggie bags”. Which is to say – pack trip food. Since we get on the plane at 7AM and off the plane some 16 hours later – I figure we need damn good doggie bags.

We are having cheese, nuts, chocolate, goldfish (Carlton), granola bars (Peg), bananas, and two turkey and cheese sandwiches each. Hopefully Delta will provide beverages. They sell a PB&J sandwich for $4. Which is reasonable. But, if I counted on it – I am sure they will run out. So, better to bring doggie bags.

16 hours of togetherness is a bit much. So, we are not setting together on all the flights. The flight from Atlanta to LA seems to be full up to the gunnel – so, on that one we are sharing a 2 person row.

I favor windows and Mr C likes the aisle. The fattest person on the plane always sets next to me. So Mr C doesn’t like to share a 3 person row with me!

all packed?

I decided to take the big heavy expensive camera. And the little camera. And the underwater housing. And the Airness. And its USB disk. And the iPod. What did I decide not to take? Well, the old iPod gets to stay home. And, I decided that all I need clotheswise is 2 pair of shorts and 2 swim suits. + a few tee’s. And one beach “coverup”. If it gets cold… I be wrapping up in a bath towel. And, if anyone invites me to anything fancier than a keg party – I’ll hit the thriftshoppe. Will wear a longsleeve teeshirt, jeans, sweater on the plane.

I decided not to annoy Mr C by shipping stuff over. I will ship stuff back however. I always do. Stuff expands in Hawai’i. Sometimes I expand too.

an iris, in november?

a late (or early) iris - fx01
a late (or early) iris - fx01

While walking to the insane volunteer job today – I found an iris in glorious bloom. So, I stopped and took a picture.

I have done very little getting ready. Been busy at the the volunteer job. But, we have enough vaccine for all of our employees – so that is a good thing.

She didn’t call

I am feeling unloved. Sarah Palin didn’t robocall our house. We faithfully picked up all the political calls. But no Sarah.

Or maybe I should rejoice that she doesn’t have my number. Because, I surely have hers.

Vote early and often and democratic today.