looking up

200+ backup cds/dvds - the oldest Jan 1999

Things are look up – after being voted off the search team – today Carlton asked what he should go look at. I sent him to see Liberty Towers. It has a crappy electric stove and subpar fridge – but that is all that I don’t like. Check it out. Liberty Towers.

Carlton LIKED it.

Carlton liked the biggest, bestest, highest, expensivest units. He says if we have to move we may as well move up. I said we’ll get flat  TVs and FIOS.

There are views to die for from the roof. And maybe… if the goddess is willing – we could nail a high up unit with a view to die for. Otherwise – up on the roof is where the view is.

He is still hanging on to a thread of hope that a miracle will occur and we can stay in “our” unit.

And, I am still urging a more modest cost solution – we have this interesting reversal of roles. I have us scheduled to look a a place that costs $600 or $700 less per month. Maybe we could still get new TVs and FIOS.

I spent most of the day dealing with the 200+ back up CDs. I can not pitch them without a looking at each one. I got thru 100 today. I would love to destroy them by nuking them in our micro wave. But that would be juvenile.

Plan B

Rather than sleeping last night, I came up with Relocation Plan B.

After this afternoon’s visit to see a really large (1800 sq ft) unit in a vintage condo – also very reasonable cost – after Carlton rejected the place. The reason “It is too big” never mind that it has free cable, and utilities are included in the rent. Never mind that garage parking is $100 a year not a month. After this, Carlton has been voted off the search team.

My Plan B is to go survey the apartment buildings in the next zip code – closer to the Apple Store and Whole Foods. Farther away from the Library, dentist, Harris Teeter and volunteer work. That is why we have the Metro. With Senior Citizen Discount.

Then stop the looking madness. Just wait on something really fine to show up on MLS or Craigslist. While waiting – I’ll get packing. Starting with getting rid of stuff that has crept in since the last move or which was moved and never used. Then – start putting my stuff and the general family stuff in boxes. Sooner or later something sweet will show up and I’ll be all ready to spring on it. I’ll just tell Carlton that me and the stuff are moving and he can come or not.

And, if eviction day comes and something sweet hasn’t shown up – well, I’ll call the movers and tell them to come get the stuff and store it – and rent “corporate” housing apartment for as long as it takes.

And, I’ll be willing to purchase something if it seems to make sense. Purchasing this unit doesn’t make sense.

How did we ever live without DropBox? The Airness, the XP system, and the Ubuntu system all play nice with DropBox. And, I have stopped mourning the loss of Roboform – all the systems are happy to use KeePass or KeePassX and DropBox keeps things in sync.

My first moving assignment is to destroy all of my old backup CD’s. I have backups that go back to the 1990’s. Excessive.

Day of Rest

I dialed the moving frenzy back today. For fun I went to the dentist. Left with a hole in my plastic. Also indulged in a little retail therapy, ordered a cheap, little camera for the trip to Japan. Coal to Newcastle anyone?

Last night we saw a unit in our building. Carlton rejected it because: he didn’t like the parking space and he felt that the HVAC system had not been properly maintained. Earth to Big Guy – you are just renting it.

There is a unit exactly like ours five floors down  – the guy wants $1,000 per month above market for it. I actually think that Carlton would spring for it. That way he can tell the movers to “Beam it down, Scotty”. And, for him it wouldn’t be like moving at all.

For me, it doesn’t make any difference, five floors, five blocks, five miles – same amount of trouble.

I refuse to pay $12,000 extra a year so I don’t have to find a new place to put my underdrawers! I’d rather have $12,000 to fly to France and buy French underwear and then maybe come back on the Queen Mary.

Who knew that Carlton’s dislike of change is stronger than his dislike of spending money?

We do agree on one thing, well actually two things: we can not share a bathroom and we can not share a closet. If we try to do either of those things, it will be D I V O R C E time.

Day 2 – living dangerously

Homeland Security Porn

Day two of the search. Visited 3 more buildings and saw a unit in our building.

One of the potential apartments over looked “the building that you must not photograph”. You must not stop your car in front of it either. This is not my first problem with the building in question.

See: http://pegbethany.org/weblog/daybook077/071021.htm

My first encounter with the forbidden building was in the summer of 2003, when I was scouting out a place to live…seems to be a theme here…peg scouting for dwellings.

See: http://pegbethany.org/weblog/daybook026/030712.htm

First Day

View From Ballston Place

Today was my first day of serious – shall we say – offline apartment hunting. I saw 3 buildings. One building would be a good place to live. One would be OK. And one has been rejected – by me at least.

And I found another unit in our building – we are going to see it tomorrow night.

And, tomorrow, I’ll go see at least one more building.

Carlton is still sick – he is going to the doctor tomorrow. Maybe the doctor will find that he has something can be cured.

I am still stunned that I owe Virginia NO income tax. And today’s paper reports that the state is cutting all manner of important programs. Guess I’ll have to donate the amount that I feel I should be paying to Virginia to something like our Library.


Nothing happened today on the moving front. The unit that we were supposed to go see was rented to someone else.

None of the Craigslisters responded. I am not giving up on Craigslist. But, I don’t hold out much hope.

Tomorrow – Carlton is going to be out most of the day doing Carlton-stuff. So, I have appointments to visit 3 apartment buildings.

I got Carlton to agree to a May 1 – June 1 move out/in date. I want this OVER. Why am I so impatient. Last Sunday I was fat dumb and happy living here into the far distant future. Nobody is promised tomorrow. Or am I being punished by the Goddess for finally putting shelf paper in the kitchen cabinets?

I did showed Carlton a bunch of apartments online. I’ll take pictures on tomorrow’s exploration.

And, right now, I am installing Ubuntu 9.10 on my Linux machine. I don’t know what that has to do with moving – but I am counting this as a moving preparation activity.

reality check

The Durham Family Ancestral Home

Been spending way too much time with Google Maps Street View. There we have the family “home place” in the barrio in El Paso. When I get depressed about moving to lesser digs than The Continental – I’ll just “Remember the Barrio”.

Got my taxes all finished. I am SO old that I owe the fine state of Virginia Zero, Zip, Nada, None, Bupkis Taxes. What I surprise. I am getting all of my money back. Heck, Virginia even wanted to give me money. Low income credit. I couldn’t do that. I am not a low income person. I have just structured my income legally and craftily to minimize state tax. That added to the very generous deductions for just being an “old person”, made my taxable Virginia income about $400.

Carlton seems to be feeling better – I was worried last night. Considered that he might be getting pneumonia.

On the moving front, today I:

  • Emailed a Craigslister – this one a realtor – bet she will answer
  • Left a phone message
  • Filled up a trashcan with “stuff”


Bleak, depressing, rainy…

Little or no progress on the relocation front today. I have been underwhelmed by the responsiveness of the Craigslisters. Which makes one wonder how responsive they will be when the refrigerator breaks.

My current plan is to see what the upcoming rainy weekend brings. Then on Monday to get my butt to see some of the “OK” rental buildings and to fire up a realtor to round up some condo rental prospects.

My secret plan is to have us moved out of here by June 1 – latest. Problem is that I like everything about where we are now. I wish we had noisy neighbors. Or construction next door. Or even grease-stink from the Big Buns Hamburger shop like the folk on the other side of the building are subjected to.

So, since I like everything – except that I have to keep repairing the toilets with dental floss – any move is going to be a step down in pleasure and a step up in price.

Attachment. That is what I am suffering from. Need to work on my Buddhist philosophy.

Enough already. I will spend the rest of the evening thinking about all things Japanese.


Worked on my taxes and finished Carlton’s taxes. When did I become a CPA?

On the moving front:

  • Talked to a guy who is renting a unit just like ours for way too much. He will not come down – if he can not get way too much he will sell his unit. So – scratch one possibility.
  • Emailed another Craigslist-ing
  • Connected with a guy who has a possible unit here in the building.
  • Went on a little neighborhood walkabout to look at buildings.

We need a vacation!

Sunset in the city

We need a photo too. Photos are easy.

Started on my taxes today. I worked on them until my eyes glazed over.

Actions on the moving front:

  • Emailed 4 Craigslist listings.
  • Made 2 appointments.

About Jihad Jane – Google knows that I just responded to an email from my dentist and 3 or 4 web sites later Google pops up with an ad for another dentist in my neighborhood. Google seems to be better at intelligence than our government. I guess this is good.

If I survive this move business – I’ll need a reward. What shall it be? Maybe a “new improved” main computer. Current “main” computer is the Smithsonian-Ready big gray Dell. With various junk accessories. Maybe a Mac Mini that will run Windows as well? Anything to distract me from the task at hand. Retail therapy.

Bad News

A note for the real bulletin board

Just found out that we are being evicted. We might have until the end of August – but, I want to be out of here before they start sending rental agents and prospective buyers in and out.

The price of being a renter is you can be evicted.

Carlton is dealing with the problem by taking a nap. Before that – he was sputtering “they can not do this”… But, they can. And, they are.

And we still have our colds. But, the specter of homelessness does focus the mind. First a get a little more over the cold, then I do my taxes, then I spring into action big time re the pending housing crisis. Gee and less than 8 hours ago my biggest problem was what camera to take to Japan and which plane routing to use.

There are worse things in life than being bored.

Sick Call

We still have our colds. But, I was well enough to talk to the grocery this morning. Now, when I got there… I couldn’t figure out what to buy.

I got reservations at a hotel over the Kyoto Train Station for mid-July. There are lots of interesting lodging options in Kyoto. We are going to be in Kyoto during a major festival – I figured that would be interesting enough – lodging will be upmarket generic. And, located in a favorite travel hotel location – at the RR station.

Seems that some where along the way I lot my photographs from Hawaii for 2007 and 2008. I guess I had them on DVDs or CDs and accidentally pitched them. It is no big loss. But makes me feel pretty silly.