Round up the plans for the ark!

Another look at the merry monarch

Yesterday afternoon it started raining and it will apparently rain for the foreseeable future. With the chance of some “tropical storm rain” later in the week. 

Today was an inside day. Puttered around with my images from 2017. Want to be sure they are all nicely cataloged and stashed away. Maybe I can finish it up tomorrow. 

News from The Asylum: one of the old ladies gave a “Still Not Dead Yet” party this afternoon. Apparently, a couple of years ago she gave a “Not Dead Yet” party – and she had so much fun that she decided to do it again.  Sort of a funeral for the undead. 

And, the Old Bat had a fun “senior” adventure this morning. I lost my Apple Pencil. I KNEW it HAD to be somewhere in the apartment. Which is less than 600 square feet. 

Well, I found it. Stuck in my wet hair. Now, let me review my “senior” week:

  1. Tuesday: One of the maintenance guys wanted to carefully explain to me how to use my new “technology-assisted” toilet seat. Major embarrassing. 
  2. Thursday: I almost screwed my head into a cat tree that I was trying to put together. Some assembly required.
  3. Saturday: Lost $98 “pencil” in my hair. 

Wonder what trouble I can get into tomorrow?


crape myrtle

Strange afternoon mentally. Thoughts of death and dying. My death and dying,  Will I really die one afternoon, in my chair, covered with my favorite quilt, alternately napping and listening to a favorite old Sci-Fi audiobook through my Bose headphones? Sort of my version of Carlton’s Final Exit. 

Guess I am just having a “Nobody is promised tomorrow…” moment. 

Thunderstorm here at this instant. And, at The Asylum, Friday is steak night in the Bistro. Maybe, I am at least promised one last Petit Filet & Bordelaise sauce – really rare, please. 


Merry Monarch Butterfly

Found a monarch butterfly this afternoon. Also found 94° temperature. So, I didn’t spend much time outside.

Another mystery plant in my weedlot.

But, I found another mystery plant with cheery blue flowers in my weedlot this afternoon. It is apparently bunny proof. Has nice flowers. It is a keeper. But, wonder what it is.

Went to visit “my” cats.

Went to visit “my” cats this morning and help put their new cat tree together. I almost screwed my head into the contraption. Fortunately, we got it together. And provided much entertainment for the cats in the process.

I am not amused by the administration. I am not disappointed. I am not surprised. Horrified. I think that is what I am. 

Kona, this morning. Aloha Carlton. See ya’ soon.


The thermometer says summer but the tomato plants are saying not so much.

So. Listening to the tomato plants.

I played around with various possible interesting ways to get back to Kona  but decided on the easiest one. 

birds on every corner it seems

Yesterday, I was considering a two-wheeled transit option.

And, today…

Two wheel transit options, Asylum style.

Speaking of the Asylum – Back in August 2014, when Carlton was still alive, before we even made the initial deposit at The Asylum, I took a day off work to go the 2015 Budget Meeting. Today I went to my 5th budget meeting. Good news is that the rent is only going up 3% next year. Bad news is that our “product” is not as attractive to new prospects as are some of the competitor Asylums. SO, management is reacting to that new challenge by spending more, WAAAAY more,  on marketing. Buckle your seatbelts boys and girls, the ride might be getting interesting.

chainlink and birds

It is September but this squash vine is still going strong.

On my walk to work, I pass by 3 or 4  houses where the front yards are devoted to  veggies.  The squash plant that grows on the chain link fence is still making baby squash. 

It is September and flags are going up along the Interstate.

Every year there are fewer flags. But, that is OK… Wounds are supposed to heal.  Nobody has forgotten. 

birds on every corner it seems

I totally embrace millennial car-free transit options. Public transit, Uber, Lyft, Zip Car and Bike Shares. However, I think that Bird scooters might be a little much for my elderly self. But, you never know.

5171 days later…

The End

On July 7, 2004, I wrote that I would deal with my prints and negatives “later”. After  5071 days “later” arrived this afternoon. I am down to 3 old prints. I am allowing myself to keep them. They will fit nicely in the bottom of my underwear drawer.  When I die some kind soul will find them and wonder, why did she save these? Because. Just because.

Before pouncing on the photo project this morning, I went and did some work in my weedlot. The damn bunnies wiped out two more plants. Just gnawed them right down to the ground. Not happy with bunnies. 

Plant ID project.

This is a rather boring – but apparently bunny proof plant. It looks a lot more interesting in this photo than it does in person. I shall endeavor identify it. If it is a weed, it will be leaving. If it is not a weed – well, the fact that it is bunny proof is a vote in its favor.

Went to an indoor Labor Day barbeque/picnic at noon today. The company, beer, and mac and cheese were good.  


MORE old photos…ugh

The last of the photos.

It is my mess and it is my job to clean it up before I die. But damn, the dumpster is looking pretty good. I am not Margaret Bourke-White. No one wants these. Not even me (very much). But, I made this mess and it is my job to clean it up.

My gear – Summer 1996

This was the summer we were in Yosemite. I can see a WinBook Laptop, a Zip Drive, a pretty good Canon printer, a LogiTech scanner and some sort of CD “burner”. And somewhere there must have been some sort of a modem. Oh, and the mouse. Feel sure it was a Microsoft mouse. 

When I was one of the guys – early 1980s

I have put this one up several times before. Next stop will be the dumpster. 

Physostegia virginiana

This fine plant is one that I got at a local “native plant” sale this spring and I planted it in my weedlot. Apparently, it is a fall bloomer the woman who sold it to me said: “you only need one, it spreads like mad”.  Bring on the madness.

Really September? Already?

Harvesting cane – HC&S Plantation – Maui. 1994

Found this picture when I was processing the binders. In 1994, I took Carlton to the HC&S Plantation where I worked in the 60’s. I belonged to the International Longshore and Warehouse Union – Local 142. 


Today, I watched Senator McCain’s funeral service at the National Cathedral for 2 hours. Then I spent another 2 hours trying to help a friend get a visa to Uzbekistan. 

This “Beta Test” warning appeared on the website. So, l shouldn’t have been surprised that it didn’t work.

But, after two hours of trying every possible thing, there were too pretty annoyed little old ladies in the house. 

 And how is it that John McCain is more popular among Democrats than Republicans? We live in interesting times. 

Kitty Day Care…

Kyle, was a happy cat. He explored.
And rested. Exploring is hard work.
Kelly was not a happy cat.
She spent most of the day wedging her self into tiny spaces or sitting on the stove.
step away from the cats.

Today I was kitty daycare. I survived and when I last saw them, the cats were still alive – so, I would consider kitty daycare a success.

Then I sprung into action as tech support. How do you get a visa online to Uzbekistan? Very Carefully, my friend. Very Carefully. Heck, I didn’t even Google Uzbekistan without firing up my VPN, the TOR browser etc…  My friend is having trouble. I think her visa photo is the wrong size. I putzed around with the photo. We’ll see tomorrow if it works.  Using her computer. Who knew that old women have so much fun!

The Bus to Gratitude

The 29B to Gratitude

I ride the bus. That is how I get where I want to be. I firmly believe that I could actually drive a car. Nevermind that, I last drove a car 4 years ago. I can afford a car. Any car that my little heart would lust after. 

But, I ride the bus. Today, I think I figured out why I ride the bus… well, aside from the fact that I am just too lazy to own a car. I ride the bus because every trip is a journey to gratitude. And the goddess knows, gratitude is damned hard to come by these days.

Bus “Gratitude List” – 

  1. Grateful that the bus shows up.
  2. Grateful that I can find my fare card and that it has money
  3. Grateful that I can go almost anywhere for one dollar
  4. Grateful that the heat or A/C is working
  5. Grateful to just sit and read, think, nap, people watch for a while
  6. Grateful to the bus drivers, who on crappy weather days, will let the homeless people ride around as long as they behave. 
  7. Grateful that I am still physically and mentally able to ride the bus
  8. Grateful that I have the option of taking Uber – that is an option that most of my fellow riders don’t have
  9. Grateful that I am always treated kindly by my fellow riders
  10. Grateful that when the bus gets to my stop and I wander back up the hill and into my cosseted life in The Asylum, I have had a little time to reflect on my good fortune. 

This was in today’s dead-tree Wall Street Journal. A full-page ad for a gun auction. The  pièce de résistance seems to be a tank. Or maybe 20 tanks. Who needs a tank? Really. 

Facing Future…

Facing Backwards, Looking Forwards – Sunflowers Asylum Cutting Garden 

Well, I did it. Consigned 23 pounds and 10 ounces of photographs to the dumpster. I still have 2 archival boxes to deal with. But, I am putting that off until Saturday, soonest.

I don’t think I’ll regret this move. Maybe I should have done it 15 years ago when Carlton and I first moved. But, I didn’t. It was not the right time. This was the right time. I made all those photos. So, they were mine to clean up before I  leave.  And, I did.

Stormtrooper guards the vacant space on the shelf where the binders had lived for 15 years.

The remaining binders are 3 binders of Carlton’s DVDs. And a binder of financial records that are too old, flimsy and stapled to scan. 

And summer is giving us one more blast of hot air. 95° in late August is easier to take than 95° in early June. Because, in August, fall is one of the coming attractions. 

Back in the oven…

Another Day Another Cake. Let us eat cake.

Back into the old summer oven again today. Over 90° today. Maybe higher tomorrow.

Thinking about getting a ticket to see Hamilton. That is one advantage of being a widow lady. You buy A ticket. Of course, back in my day – if you were a girl you never bought ANY ticket. Tickets are most expensive in NYC. Then DC. Much cheaper in Chicago.  Or maybe just try to score a standing room ticket. Think I can still stand upright for 3+ hours. 

25B Bus home – yesterday.
25B bus home – today.

You just never know what you will see on the bus. Learning how to use public transportation 15 years ago was one of my smarter moves. Checking into   The Asylum was another. Wonder if I have any smart moves left?