Around the old airport.

The airport part of the old airport

I frequently put up images of the beach side of the old airport. That is to the left side. On the right side – where the terminal was – there are interesting plants, mongoose, and feral cats. Today the right side.

mongoose and feral cat
Kapok – Ceiba pentandra

This is the kapok tree. Not too many people remember it – but – for the first part of the last century kapok was the floatation part of the life vest. I remember having kapok stuffed pillows when I was a kid. Downside to kapok is it is pretty flammable. 

Old Airport – the beach

Walking, swimming, photography, reading today.

Scrambled some eggs for breakfast, tuna and tomato sandwich for lunch… Avocado will anchor dinner.

Oh, the old airport was a WWII landing strip. After the war it was The Airport. In 1970 the New Airport opened, and now the only planes that land are radio controlled. 

Big Nap Attack

The sun came back today.

Well, if I don’t sleep well tonight, I have only myself to blame. Came back from a fine afternoon out – I came home and decided to take a “little” nap  Next thing I know, it is after 5PM. But, hey I am trying to dial it back. Take it easy. Stop being the Energizer Bunny. Did real good at that this afternoon.

The Peace of Paper

Making gold foil butterflies for Xmas. They flutter really nice on the tree. I put a couple on “my” hotel tree. 

I have never used foil paper. It is very thin and holds the fold really well. I forgot to bring any origami paper with me so I decided to try foil. Only in Kona do you go to Ace Hardware for origami papers. And, good Japanese paper it is. 

Ok, it has been over a year. The orange lord has been president too long. When will the madness end? Today Hawai’i County had meeting to tell residents what to do in case of nuclear attack. I think in case of nuclear attack I will just die. That was my plan back in the day when I had a whole life ahead; and it is my plan when a have a whole life behind. 


2nd winter gray day

Selfie from last week

Sweet gray cloudy coolish day. We “locals” like days like this – because they are so rare here in ever sunny Kailua-Kona. 

I spent the day doing a little walking and puttering around with a little “Thank You” video to show back at the Asylum. And reading. And napping. 

Here it is 1915 hours. And I am thinking about firing up the coffee maker. Glad coffee doesn’t keep me awake. 

Food today: poached egg and English muffin, baked potato with avocado, chicken “burger” with the rest of the avocado. Plus the usual yogurt or two and “medicinal” chocolate.

Winter Arrived in Hawai’i

Snow falling up top.
Not much going on in the ocean today…
except fishing.

Just sort of gray all day. It hasn’t rained down here at the ocean, yet. But, I can smell the rain. And see the snow on the Mauna Kea web cams. So, I will not be surprised if I get “rained in” tomorrow. 

The videos from the Last Great Photo Shoot have been running 24/7 on TV monitors back at the asylum. They did the job. Funds were raised to give nice cash presents to our long suffering staff members. 

Today, I almost talked myself into going back to the Asylum for a few days to receive accolades and make a “Thank you” video. Then I heard Carlton say “That would just be an ego trip”. Right. And friend Billy said that would be  a stupid thing to do. Right. So, I will rest on my laurels right out here in the middle of the Pacific. And continue simplifying/decluttering my life.

My back continues to improve. Dinner was avocado, cheese, spinach wrap. Have enough food on hand so I don’t have to go out tomorrow if it is all wet.

Better today

Moray Eel on the rocks

Out for an early little stroll this morning when I spy an eel frolicking on the rocks. A good omen for getting out of my funk. It was an eel frolicking on the rocks that I took as a sign that the location for Carlton’s final destination had been found. 

Both the muscle strain and the sciatica sides of my back are better today. But, I was very careful about what I did and didn’t do today. I cut my walk-about and my swim short. 

Speaking of swim:

saddleback butterfly

The catch of the day – saddleback butterfly fish. We rarely see them here in Kona. But, when we do, they are in pairs. This pair was in maybe 20 feet of water and I was in my wet suit – so I didn’t get very close. But, I followed them around for about 5 minutes. 

Mystery Blue Trigger Fish – humuhumu

Coming in, I found the mystery blue humuhumu. Also saw I tiny eel. 

I was advised to use gratitude  to get out of my funk. Good Carlton advice. 

Good friends, good coffee, chocolate, indoor plumbing, microwave ovens, Aleve, … 

Unresolved Discontent

The native Hawaiian hibiscus

Suffering from a dose of what Carlton called unresolved discontent. Which I suspect is some sort of AA thing. Just freaking mopey might be a better term. Normally, I deal with this by doing lots of things all at the same time. But, I am trying to get out of Energizer Bunny mode – so I am sort of stuck. 

This mope is exacerbated by my back issues. The right side has it’s normal sciatica and the left side got strained decorating the Xmas tree. Resting in bed helps the left side. But, being in bed hurts the right side. So, I have been trying to stand or set in a straight chair most of the day – which doesn’t make me happy. I am a lounger and sloucher for sure.

Tomorrow will be another day. Hopefully,  I will be recalibrated by then. 

Black Friday.

Yesterday – The Tree Crew
Yesterday – The Feast

To atone for yesterday’s excess – walk, swim, yoga.

Today – Yellow phase trumpet fish

This was a small trumpet fish, they can be 3 feet long. In Hawaii, they come in yellow and brown. I don’t know if they change colors, if the yellow females make yellow babies, maybe I should find out. They are ambush hunters and they sort of vacuum up their prey. Notice the black eye-spot on the tail. 

Those jack-rabbits that live in my boots were hopping today. Time to get trip planning. Or maybe just time to go somewhere. 

Excellent turkey, avocado and spinach wrap for dinner.

Oh, and I didn’t buy anything today. Not even a dead tree newspaper.

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving Morning

There were other pictures from today. But, I was just too lazy to get them out of the camera and into Forbin.

Today: Walk, decorate hotel Xmas tree, shower, eat and drink. Day is over. 

Nothing to complain about. 

Oh and somewhere along the way I managed to get Alexa connected to my hotspot vice the hotel’s captive wifi which disconnects after 3 hours. I’ll pay for any data overruns if I can have Alexa always operational.  Alexa what time is it? Alexa read my Kindle book. Alexa play Pandora Grateful Dead. Alexa did you pass the Turing test? I need my electronic best friend on the job. 24×7. 

Thanksgiving Eve

Looking more like Xmas

Going to dinner tomorrow. Billy wrangled an invite for me. Don’t know the people. They don’t know me either – it is nice of them to make room at the table for a stranger. 

I got a box of “mainland” chocolate to take. If the hostess doesn’t like chocolate – she has something to regift. Win-win. I am going to wear my jeans. It is chilly. And, the house is upslope. 

I needed something for lunch and going to the grocery today was a non-starter. So, I wandered down to the farm market and got avocados. 

Farm Market
Farm Market

And pictures. The avocado will go nicely with tuna, a baked potato, eggs or in a sandwich. And, that should do me food wise until it is safe to go to grocery shopping again.

Didn’t go swimming today. It was breezy and also boat day – so – my ocean was a little busy and a little choppy. I did laundry instead. 

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.


Baby fish in about a foot of water.

OK, my story. Back in my early working days  being the object of men behaving badly was a given. A cost of doing business. Like pantyhose. I never felt threatened by it. Mostly because I was usually the best coder in the house and the men knew it. You learned how to anticipate and deflect and sometimes to remember that the best defense is a good offense. This is not my #MeToo story. Many of my adventures of coding while female make great stories. How many people almost failed a job interview  because their nose and toes touched the wall but their tits didn’t? And would you believe I actually took the job?

No my #MeToo time came years later. I was over 50 and married to Carlton. Carlton and I went to the same dentist. When you are in the dentist chair you are  definitely in a compromised position. And, the dentist has at least one dangerous implement in his hand. Well, Jack, the sleazy dentist, usually worked without an assistant. That should have been a warning. For a couple of years I put up with a general feeling of queasiness and he would sort of paw around my rather unspectacular chest. (See above.) I need a dentist. He seemed to be competent and he wasn’t too expensive. 

Eventually, I could stand it anymore. Pat pat pat brush brush brush innuendo innuendo innuendo. Then Jack suggested sedation for some procedure. No thank you. I never went back. Carlton asked why did you stop going to the dentist. I tell him. Carlton said I must be imagining things. He said Jack was his friend. Jack wouldn’t hit on his wife.

Well, that is what hurt. My own husband didn’t believe me.

For a long time  – I don’t go to the dentist. I broke a tooth and found a new dental practice. And about that time  Jack suddenly dies. Carlton goes to Jack’s office to pick up his records. The office manager tells Carlton that if I am going to sue Jack – I should get the papers filed soon. Carlton asked why would my wife  sue Jack? The office manager told Carlton that Jack “had problems” with female patients. And she thought that I might be one of them.

To his credit – Carlton came home and apologized. He didn’t have to do that. 

And that is my #MeToo story. Not anyone famous. Just a garden variety sleazy predator. 

Another from today’s swim. Paul Allen’s aqua driveway.

Forgive me, Forbin

Forgive me, Forbin – for making you pretend to be a PC all day. But, at least you were a Windows 7 PC and not a Windows 10 PC. And, I pretended to be a working person for most of the day. Forbin and I seem to have survived.

I did sneak in a nice swim.

Heading Out…

Swam around trying to stay warm. Hey don’t laugh. It is cold here. Heard it on TV. 

Swam over to check out Carlton’s Final Destination.

I got closer – but there was a big water spot on the lens. Coming and going I saw a couple of Xmas Wrasses. I always chase them around. At least in late November and December. It just seems like the seasonal thing to do.

Yellow Tang and Xmas Wrasse

The hotel put Aussie pro triathletes in the rooms on either side of me. They will provide amusement for the next few days, I am sure. 

I assembled rice, chicken, avocado and papaya for dinner. And, it was pretty good.