Well, that was unfriendly. The WordPress app ate my new post. But, l discovered that I don’t really need the app when using the big iPad.  

I wonder how pictures work? Well here goes

Well…it seems to do pictures

That is my room as seen from my bed. You don’t think I was going to do a selfie, do you?

so this is a pretty poor blog entry but I learned something. Ditch the WordPress app on the iPad Pro.  

Going to try posting now…

Worked fine. WordPress app will be removed. 

OK, I got this one covered…

Love the Light

I got the Last Great Photo Shoot covered. Not done. But, done good enough so if I get hit by a bus… my client will not be left with 60 minutes of a blank screen.

And since I have been exercising HandBrake – I ran a little beach video through and am using it as a header – to remind me of good things that are coming.

The remains of BYOD.

Life is different here at the Asylum. We have Bring Your Own Dinner parties. If you have a dishwasher – and I do – oven NO – dishwasher YES. If you have a dishwasher – all you have to do is fire up the dishwasher and take the empty plastic dinner takeout boxes back downstairs. 

Listened to some chatter about problems with parking. That was a topic of interest at our last house meeting. As was the status of our cable TV. Neither of these discussions made me want a car or a tv. The Mercedes hood ornament up top notwithstanding. 

Thank you HandBrake. Some of the best things are free. 


All day.

I spent all day working on the output part of the Last Great Photo Shoot. 

Our staff come from an impressive list of countries. I had to incorporate the list some where. StarWars to the rescue.

Too bad I am making silent movies. Cue up John Williams. 

This is a sample 10 or 12 slides. I have about 350. What you don’t have a manicurist on staff at your old folks asylum???

Technical Note: Lightroom, iMovie, Photoshop and HandBrake. I am running the slides twice as slow as I would like – but my audience – well, some of them may have actually been to a silent movie.

No Pictures 2day…

one from oct 2014

So, I’ll just recycle an old image.

Other than work, it was sort of a blah day.

Spent some time getting increasingly annoyed by the Orange Lord. But, then I decided to be gracious. He has proved once and for all that any white male can become president of the country formerly known is the leader of the free world.

25 days until Kona. 
1202 days until the Presidential Inauguration Wednesday January 20, 2021.


Somehow, this makes everything seem better…

I wasn’t having the finest day today. Another one of my cell block mates died today. Nevermindthat she was “old”. And that she just didn’t wake up this morning, which is about as good as it gets. 

As, I said wasn’t having the best day,  a little retail therapy was called for. So, I got my ticket to Kona. Leaving and arriving on Halloween. A long day of flying. Amtrak is really expensive right now. So, I’ll just fly all the way. This is a first world problem. No doubt about it. 

Oh funny story from the asylum… one of our friends has Parkinson’s and she can no long drive – so the asylum sisters rallied around to drive her to her boxing class. Yep, boxing. You gotta love old ladies.

Camera is back…

600mm handheld through double pane window. Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Took the camera to Fed Ex late Saturday Sept 21. This afternoon, UPS brought it home. It works again. And they fixed a couple of other little things in addition to the frozen shutter. It costs $195, but considering that the camera didn’t work at all…It seems like a bargain. Took a few photos with my cheap 600mm lens. Seems to be all good as new. Better actually. Because Olympus fixed something that had always been an annoyance.  Not to mention they cleaned it all up and replaced the grips. So, I figure I just got a really fine $195 used camera. 

The Last Great Photo Shoot – got the codecs sorted out, with a little help from HandBrake. Now, I feel sure that the photos can be displayed on the in house TV setup.  Did a little happy dance about that.

Took a bunch of pictures for The Last Great Photoshoot. I sneaked out for a few minutes and caught a hover fly. 

requiescat in pace et amore

Patricia Harn's Graduation Party
1935 – 2014

ps – I wore your ring along with mine today. I still wear my wedding rings. Everyday. Which, I didn’t always do while you were alive. But, I remember that you always wore yours.  

Oh, and I talked to a Georgetown 3rd year med student today – that was your class. 

Stop the world – I want off.

Found these finest kind ferns out in the asylum garden today. There should be a dinosaur peaking out from the leaves. 

Well, Carlton, I guess you would like a report of how things are going. Things are going “just like they are supposed to”. Your money is OK. I presume that AA is OK.  Tennis is still being played. I am OK. (That was your order of importance. I  still know my place.) The world in not OK. But, neither the living nor the dead can fix the planet. I am not sure that the world has ever been OK since the humans took over. We are not the very finest species. If we are created in god’s image – she really must be a bitch!

Basically, Carlton, you got outta Dodge just in time. Things were getting a little weird around the edges when you left. But now – it is full blown Looney Tunes. Or, since you were more given to eloquence – queue up some Yeats:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity. 

That worked in 1919 – and it works 99 years later. The center is not holding. I am far from the best but I am definitely lacking any conviction.

Once Again…

Today’s Fun = One Butterfly.

One origami butterfly was not my only fun. I also get Alexa AKA Computer setup to call for help. Well, actually call for anything. But, I think it will be good to have Computer at the ready, in case I need assistance. As in “Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up”. Right now I can say “Computer call THE DESK” and it gets security here at the asylum. But, if I change the name from THE DESK to FOR HELP in my contact list then I can say “Computer call FOR HELP”.  

I really see a big future for AI-type appliances as our population ages. Now, where is my robot cat? Little old ladies need robot cats. Not lame ones like the Hasbro cats – they are fine if you have dementia. Otherwise, not so much. 

I worked on the Last Great Photoshoot. And then I worked on it some more. 

Notice – the butterfly is an “aloha” print butterfly. Getting into island mode.

Computer, Lights on…

Last Flowers of September.

September has run the table. October comes in tomorrow. Hard to believe that 3 years ago today I had just signed Carlton and myself up to move into the Asylum, I have just purchased 1st class tickets to Hawai’i, Carlton had just bought new tennis shoes and a new bike seat, and the President of The United States spoke in complete sentences. A lot has changed. Not everything has been an improvement.

A friend who will be 101 on Tuesday mentioned that her husband had died in 1989. Which only means we should plan for the long haul but live for the short run. 

Roped a couple of friends into being photo editors for me this afternoon. All of their points were well taken.  

Today’s tech adventure was getting my new lamp connected to Alexa, known around here as “computer”.  COMPUTER LIGHTS ON makes me feel very powerful. 

On the the other hand, this does nothing to my self worth … 

Photo Fun With Shamu the Phone

Silver Building #1 – My doctor’s office.
Silver Building #2 – we lived here about 10 years ago.
Silver Building #3 – It used to be a Chevy dealership.

It is almost October. My very favorite month of the entire year. My real camera is fully occupied working on The Last Great Photo Shoot. But, I still like taking pictures – so here a few from this week taken with Shamu the Phone. I can not resist shiny buildings.

Saw a wooly caterpillar on my way to work this morning – in the dark. I am sure this is supposed to be sign of some sort from Momma Nature. But, I don’t know what it is.
One advantage of old age – you no longer need a Halloween costume – you are a Halloween costume. OR – Why I don’t do selfies.

Reflections from a non-believer on the end of the end… We have a friend, a dear friend, here at the Asylum. She moved in as a hospice patient. But, until this week, she lived a full and active life here in our community. We knew that we were only going to have her for a short time. She is not “losing her battle” with cancer. She is like Carlton, she sort of said too hell with cancer – now what can I do today. She is a person of faith – so – hopefully she will find peace and comfort in her faith as she travels through her last days. 

But, what am I thinking – well – I am hoping she has a spirit guide or family amakua to help her to the other side. In the unlikely event that there is an other side. 

It is not sad. It is not depressing. It just is. Nobody is promised tomorrow. Life will continue without our friend, and our lives are richer for the months she shared with us. Some teach us how to live, others teach us how to die – Susan continues to teach us both. Aloha my friend. Aloha.

Another Day – The Last Great Photo Shoot.

Picture of Liz who is never in her office.
Picture of Anthony who was always on the phone.
Picture of Aino, a therapy dog who was delighted to have her picture taken.

People should be more like dogs. My life would be easier. 

Back to my real job tomorrow.