Still no video joy, but

from film time – guests without luggage must pay in advance – remember that sign?

Still no video joy, but… thanks to my friend Laurent. I returned my focus to the real problem. The problem is not the vintage machine with legacy codecs – the problem was the file that I was trying to feed to the vintage machine with legacy codecs. I converted my files to old school Microsoft AVI’s and the old machine ran them fine. On the computer monitor – the movies did not make it through the maze of RCA jacks to the Samsung TV. That problem may or may not have a solution. I will see if I can get the setup to play a DVD on the TV. That might work better. I know that the setup will run a Powerpoint – I may have to use Powerpoint. Which is a lot harder and crappier than using iMovie.

But, thank you Laurent – for pointing me in the right direction. The Last Great Photo Shoot is back on track.

Now, I just hope that our old tin pot tyrant and North Korea’s boy tin pot tyrant don’t get us all into nuclear Armageddon before the eclipse. A mushroom cloud would upstage a corona. And mushroom cloud is NOT on my bucket list.

Why don’t we just give them dueling pistols. And let them shoot it out. That way at least one of our countries will be free of their tin pot tyrant. 

Gray Monday

Yes, today was bleak

Total technology failure today. The Asylum has an antique XP Dell that only has one job in the world: Send Powerpoint Presentations 24/7 to a couple of big TVs. Using RCA jacks I think. 

Silly Peggy, MP4 has been around since 2003 or 4 – so I assumed that the aforementioned system would run the cute little mp4 movies that I have been making. WRONG.

I will try to embed an MP4 into a Powerpoint – I know I can do that. And, try to slip it past the antique computer that way. But, I don’t hold out much hope. Maybe The Last Great Photo Shoot has been a total waste. 

Maybe I just need to Try A Little Harder… 

A friend from worktime sent me an article about an 82 year old Japanese woman who develops iPhone Apps for seniors. The woman says: when we get old we lose our husbands, our jobs, our hair and our eyesight – and every new skill we learn is a plus. She learned coding and piano after 75. So, Try A Little Harder,

Alexa Play Try A Little Harder – She did Santana – I had The Stones in mind. Santana’s is better.

Gotta dress for dinner tonight – time to round up some lady clothes.

Going to Cookeville TN for the eclipse – added Cookeville to my weather app. By this time next week I will be hyperventilating about the weather. You go and take your chances. 

Lazy Sunday…

pretty lame excuse for today’s photo. So lame that I am not sure it shouldn’t be deleted right now!

You know, I hate to say this – but I think that I am starting to “slow down”. I suppose I shouldn’t be all that surprised. I am well and truly over 70. Maybe I should pull over to the right hand lane of life.

Oh well, with enough naps and coffee – I’ll keep on kicking. And, yesterday I was my regular energizer bunny self. 

Accomplished nothing today. Nothing at all. In fact, I didn’t even attempt many things. Laundry doesn’t count as an accomplishment.

Wonder when the new improved wifi shows up in the Old Bat Cave?


It was a strange, but fine day…

Take out party food.

The day started ominously when I woke up and found NO COFFEE. The coffee pot had not come on at 5:30 like it was supposed to. And, it wouldn’t come on. So, I had to get dressed and ride the elevator downstairs to get coffee. Major hardship. I treated the coffee pot like a computer and I think it is working again. Tomorrow morning will be the test.

ACFD Photo.

Then off to the farm market (in a car!) and breakfast back at the asylum. Putzed around with my accounting software. It still isn’t perfect. Remembered how to burn audio CDs. And, actually made one.

Saw the head gardener pruning rose bushes – so I rushed down to take her picture.

Watched the building a block away catch fire and every fire truck within 20 miles showed up. It was a non-trivial fire – the residents of 25 units are out of homes. But, alive. 

Then I went for a nice walk – to get my miles logged and because it was a great day for August. 

Took a little nap and then went down to collect the “vegan hors d’oeuvre for 8” that I ordered from the Asylum kitchen.  They were fine. But, I do have a lot of left over hummus. Maybe the kitchen had a lot of leftover hummus. That is why they gave me so much. It is in the freezer. 

Then people showed up for predinner hors d’oeuvre and wine.  And after awhile – Alexa reminded us that it was time to go down to dinner. 

Back from dinner, cleaned up the mess, fired up the dishwasher, made some tea and that was one fine day…


This washing machine amused me yesterday. It didn’t seem to be doing anything. Just spinning around. Making noise and vibrating madly. Like The Orange Lord???

I find that I have been snappish with the staff at work. I seem to expect that everyone knows how to “open a blank Word Document.” Hey, it has been 33 years since MS Word was released. And how is it that people are so ignorant about spreadsheets. Visicalc was released in 1978. “Dump the data into Excel and sort it” seems to be rocket science or maybe brain surgery.  “I didn’t learn this in school” doesn’t hack it with me anymore. 

Guess this is a sign that:

1. I need a vacation
2. I need to go to Hawai’i
3. I need to retire
4. All of the above

Some days don’t quite work out as planned…

But, there was a nice sunrise.
And the day entered with a fine dinner with good friends and free wine.

So, what seems to be my problem? Things didn’t work out 100% like I planned. So – get over it and get on with life.

Its going to be good some day. They promised.

The Attack Plant.

My commute is getting dangerous.

On my way to work, I pass the poison ivy. It is encroaching seriously on the sidewalk. Of course, I am just glad that there is a sidewalk. 

No bees at all today.

But, there was a monarch butterfly. 

And more joy. I got my appointment for my stress test. Only have to be caffeine-free for 4 hours, I can do that!

And yet more good stuff. I got new bluetooth earbuds.  Took a chance on BeatsX since BH Photo had them on sale and I had a bunch of “points” so they ended up being cheap. Normally I hate Dr Dre -but the bass on these are fine. They are really comfortable. And they pair with all the Mac stuff – natch and with Shamu the Phone as well. I am sure I like them better than the Apple ones. 

Hey, this is going the wrong way.


Hover Fly in Flight

Was even less successful shooting bees in flight this afternoon. No bees in sight. Only a couple of hover flies.

Adorable resident dog – she is 63 in dog years so she just makes into the Asylum.

And what is unremarkable? My visit to the boy-cardiologist. He still wants to do a stress test. But, he says as long as I can walk up the stairs to my office – which is one floor above his – and have breath left to say “damn” then I am OK. He gets points for not wanting to monkey with my BP meds or to insist on cholesterol or other testing. He says I just have coronary artery spams and since I have had them for years – not to worry.  So, I am not going to worry.

Hope I ace my stress test. Maybe I should start training in the Asylum gym. But seriously, I think you have to be caffeine  free for 24 hours. Me, sans caffeine 24 hours – not pretty. 


The 41 Bus.

Love the 41 bus. The drivers are nice and the passengers are usually happy. 

I can not believe he is gone. Anthony Scaramucci. My favorite – so far – member of the Orange Lord’s retinue. Dead and buried 16 days before he officially started his job. Maybe the shortest tenure ever. Minus 16 days.

And now an oldie from my vault:
A Shakespearean Insult Generator, Check it out —  thou tongueless dismal-dreaming clack-dish! Seems like a good way to remember The Mooch.

A first class problem


Went out for a little today to shoot bees in flight. It is basically a matter of luck and I wasn’t having much. But, it was a lovely day.

A lovely day that I spent trying to get my new personal finance software “working”. Since I moved over to the land of Mac in 2009 – I have been fighting with Mac finance software. It basically sucks and at least once a year gets something mixed up that is impossible to fix. Last week it went cuckoo and got itself and me lock out of one of my accounts. 

That was it. Out it went. And in come Quicken for Mac – which isn’t so hot shit either. Of course, I started out by having it import all of 4,000+ transactions from the old messed up software. Needless to say – Quicken started out messed up. 

But, this is a first class problem. I just want to get this all sorted out while I still have the brain power to do it. 

Looking out my window – after dinner.

by dear old apartment with the terrace and a covered balcony.

The sun was setting on the other side of the building – nicely lighting up some of the “important” views out the Old Bat windows.

national cathedral
shrine of the immaculate conception.
air force memorial
washington monument
the capital

I don’t think that the construction crane is going to build anything that will obstruct any of “my” views. 

And, now I am tired. Like Lincoln – the only president greater than the Orange Lord (according to the Orange Lord) – like Lincoln asked of McClellan “Will you pardon me for asking what the horses of your army have done since the battle of Antietam that fatigue anything?”

I can only ask: “What have I done since yesterday that would fatigue anything?”

And then it rained…


The promised rains arrived. And it shows no signs of abating.

Note to concerned citizens of the US: Congress and the White House is in total disarray. The phrase “circular firing squad” comes to mind.

Note of our enemies, foreign and domestic: This would be a great time for an attack. But wait, you don’t have to attack… we’ll dismember the country for you.

We got a new executive chef this last week. This week Jello  disappeared from the salad bar. Bet it is back by this time next week.