A very ordinary day…

One from my ongoing RAW experiment

Still not seeing any reason to shoot RAW on a regular basis. 

Just an ordinary day. Did life support things. Laundry, coffee and grocery run, review my books. Back in the day, I would call it balancing the checkbook. Now it is more like scouring the Quicken reports for anything odd looking. And, The Old Bat Cave was cleaned. (Not by the Old Bat.)

Will be finishing up Alas, Babylon tonight. I have been sort of stringing it out because I am enjoying it so much. 

Tomorrow will include another little foray into the world of Alexa Skills creation. I will be surprised if I can get my elderly brain around it. But, then again – I might succeed. 

It’s Aloha Thursday…

Milkweed with macro lens.

Today, I took the “correct” gear out to shoot a bee on “my” milkweed. All I found was an ant. Still, I shoot what is in front of me with the camera I have.

Nice day at the office – spiffed up a Survey Monkey thing. No work on figuring out how to make an Alexa skill. Napped instead.

Currently reading Alas, Babylon. The 1959 novel by Pat Frank. It is considered one of the first apocalyptic novels of the atomic age and is eerily relevant today. It was a Playhouse 90 offering – but I don’t think it survived. Maybe a copy will surface some day. For now, the book is still good.

Addendum: OK, a copy does exist – in the UCLA film archive. 

Another Magnolia -Shamu 2

Told you it was magnolia season. Oh and for no apparent reason other than I could – I ordered a pair of Google VR goggles to go with Shamu 2. Want to be sure I have plenty of toys when I get “old”.

OK, this is hard…

Shamu 2 catches a bee.

Walked around the Asylum after dinner and noticed a bee on “my” milkweed. Shamu 2 was in my pocket playing The Dead – so, it took the picture. Should have had the macro lens on one of the Oly’s…but I shoot what’s in front of me with what I have.

Which brings up what is hard…writing an Alexa Skill…that is what is hard. At least it is hard for this old bat. It certainly got me thinking outside of my normal boxes. Now there are  “paint by numbers” Alexa skill generators – but I want to build my own – from scratch. Like for years, I wrote my own HTML – so – I know what Word Press is doing. 

I might be too old to learn this new trick. Especially since there is no economic incentive.  Stay tuned.

Scarfed up this image from one of the USGS webcams monitoring Kīlauea. The wind and sun are all lined up nicely so this shot is pretty good.

It’s a big image – click on it an admire Tutu Pele in action.

June 5 Already…

First Magnolia Shot of 2018

Walked all the way to work today and took the time to photograph a low hanging magnolia. I have taken about every magnolia picture that a person can take – but I don’t get tired of them.

This picture of my best side showed up on social media late yesterday. Photo Credit to Margaret Sullivan.

Caught with my elbows on the table (haven’t a clue why that is considered poor form). But, I see that I am drinking water and a coffee cup is in evidence – so it must have been after the 6 glasses of wine.

And things are still looking pretty voggy back home in Hawai’i.

Day off tomorrow. Gotta work on my weed patch. 

Teslas in the lot. Octopus on the plate.

Tesla SUV.

For no apparent reason – our local Tesla dealer brought a couple of cars over for the old people to see this afternoon. I thought they were pretty cool. A little big for my tastes. But way cool.

6 forks. 3 knives, 6 wine glasses and 1 water glass. Out of my league for sure.

Not long after yoga, it was time for dinner. Dinner lasted 3 hours. And our staff leaves at 8:30. So, dinner started at 5PM. 

First thing you know –

The Octopus has landed.

I find myself driving a fork of octopus right up to my teeth. (It was great.)

And that girls and boys is about as good as it gets at the old folks home.

Oh did I mention the 6 glasses of wine? Think I am slipping into an alcohol induced haze.

I travel, so…

So, on days like today…
I have memories of days like this – Perth Feb 2018

I spent this cold and rainy day ensconced in my chair, wrapped up in Carlton’s buffalo blanket. Drinking coffee, eating biscotti and reading dead tree news papers. 

Then I took a nap. A long nap.

Back to work tomorrow. And tomorrow night – The Wine Dinner. I am not that much a fan of wine. But, I do like to eat. So, I am hoping that the chef ups her game for the meal. Dinner usually costs $9.95 – this dinner costs $65 – we’ll see if will be worth the cost. Heck, even if it isn’t food isn’t great – the theater should be worth the cost of admission.

Lazy kind day.

The Asylum – Breakfast.

The Asylum has Shit on a Shingle on the menu and people actually order it. And Gordon here said it was very good. Don’t think I’ll try it. 

As for me – I had a leisure day. Spent 30 minutes in the weed lot rounding up Devil’s Tongues that escaped the first exorcism. Only logged 3 miles on the Fitbit – but I did rack up 2 naps. 

I never felt guilty about taking a leisure day until I moved to an old folks asylum. Now when I think about taking a leisure day – I just remember President Lincoln’s famous telegraph to GeneralMcClellan:  “Will you pardon me for asking,” he telegraphed, “what the horses of your army have done since the battle of Antietam that fatigue anything?”

Weed Lot and Garden Box- week 5
Weed Lot and Garden Box- week 5

Nothing blooming in the garden box yet. But it is a mass of green wildness. And Ray the Rosemary is doing fine. Putting out new growth. 


An exorcism…

The Devil’s Tongue – I hope.

I hope that this is the noxious weed that I was supposed to search out and destroy. With my luck, I may have destroyed an unknown patch of Appalachian Yellow Asphodel. I had lots of it. How was I supposed to know it was one of the bad guys?

Our electricity wasn’t off very long last night. But, there is something amiss with our power setup here – when the power goes off… the emergency generators kick in automatically. That is a good thing. BUT, when the power comes back on – the electric company has to make a house call to our building to get us reconnected to the grid. Which is not good. Because, our regular “apartment” power isn’t on the generator system.

Does red pair well with flamingo?

If at first…

Keep away for the foodtrucks, chubby old bat…

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again. Then stop. Don’t make an ass of yourself. Well, I spent a couple of hours trying to make some little note cards for a friend. I decided to try a new printing service. Well, I couldn’t get them set up correctly. I would like to try these people. But, their online setup doesn’t work the way my brain works. I’ll try again on Friday. Maybe I’ll just use the old service.

I just got an email saying that the air was so bad in Kona that the cruise ship didn’t stop this today. And, it does look like LA in the 1970s.

Oenothera fruticosa – AKA sundrop

I was out on weed patrol today and a couple of my weeds turned into flowers. So, they get a reprieve. Google says they like full sun. Right now they are in full shade – so, if I am feeling generous – I’ll move them.

Back to work…

Neighboring garden box.

Major humid early summer day today. Lots of pollen too. I think this will be a night for the windows closed, the a/c on and I’ll listen to an audiobook. Or have Alexa read to me. Alexa reads OK, but audiobooks are better. Sorta like the difference between Pop Warner and the NFL. 

Nothing much happening – and that is OK. Something will go wrong soon enough. Of that I am sure.

Photo note. 99.99% of the time, I shoot JPGs. IMHO, if you expose correctly you can shoot JPG. Unless it is wedding dress white or cat black. Then shooting RAW means you don’t have to bracket. But, I am playing with RAW on my PEN-F.  Still not sure it is worth the trouble – unless someone is paying you of course.

Oh, funny little story… First one should not sleep with one’s iPad – but I do. The other night I noticed an email alert titled “Will Leilani ever be the same?” Well, I immediately wondered “What happened?” Because I have a real human person friend named Leilani and at 3 AM she was the “Leilani” that I thought of and not the subdivision in Hawai’i that is experiencing Pele’s power just now. So great alarm bells go off in my sleep-addled brain. What happened to Leilani? Was she in an accident? Did she get lost at sea? Develop a terrible disease? Then I saw the email was from a Honolulu TV station and realized my mistake. It is really weird how quickly we became addicted to those little things.

Memorial Day Weekend – The End.


I knew I didn’t want to eat whatever it was that the Asylum was doing for lunch today. They were having one of their infamous ‘indoor picnics”.  So, at breakfast, I picked up a banana and a sandwich that was leftover from yesterday. A chicken, lechuga, and tomato sandwich to be exact. Lechuga being Spanish for lettuce. Haven’t a clue how I knew that lechuga is Spanish for lettuce. Not a really useful word. In any language. 

The Miata – Aug 24, 2004

On August 24, 2004 Carlton sold my beloved Miata. Here it is, out front of the new owner’s house. I had to drive it there. And leave it. I was not comforted by the check. I cried.

The Miata – Now

Well, yesterday, the owner offered it back to me. It still looks good. It is in Florida – and no – I will not get it back. I hope that the 3rd owner will love it as much as the 1st and 2nd owner did. 

Chilly and damp today.