Tokyo – lost day.

Outside my hotel. 7pm

Wonder if I can stay awake long enough to finish this posting. It has been a very long two days or one day it’s hard to say. When I got up it was yesterday and now it’s today. That old international dateline. And since I am not going back where I came from I won’t get that day back it’s gone forever. At my age, it matters!

I think I walked about 8 miles in this strange TODAY. But toady was very easy. I had no trouble. Well, dinner was a problem. But I had granola bars in the suitcase. If I had been able to find a 7-11 I could have scored dinner. But I didn’t see one it was granola bars.

The restaurant in the hotel lobby looked promising until I saw coffee was $15 a cup. Little cups at that.

But, here I am, wearing my Hotel provided jammies. Better than my usual.

And, a last look out front.

Hotel front

Bed thing now.

In never never land.

JAL Departure lounge[/caption
Just hanging out watching my fellow passengers waiting to go. It was be an 8 hour flight and I should get into Narita airport at about 3pm tomorrow.

Planning on taking the train into Tokyo Station. I think I have enough Yen on hand to buy a ticket. Japanese ATM machines don’t like Americans or Canadians or Europeans. And Japan businesses don’t like plastic. My hotel will take plastic.

Japanese. They travel differently. Westerners try to squeeze all of our stuff into carryons and then we try to stuff the overstuffed carryons in the overheads. Japanese travel with HUGE colorful rolling suitcases. Apparently there is a weight limit on them, because at check in people were swapping stuff from case to case.

Time to go for my pre departure walk about..

Honolulu-next stop Tokyo

Dinner out In Hawaii Kai

Delightful end to my week in Honolulu. Had a fine dinner out in the ‘burbs with my grandkid and her boyfriend. They are both delightful grownup people. I had bacon Mac and cheese. And Guinness. And espresso ice cream. Happy grandma.

Today, I went to look at trees. Big trees.

Foster Botanical Gardens

This was a bus trip to look at trees. Google isn’t 100% reliable when it comes to Honolulu buses.  Google took me into an interesting part of downtown in quest of a bus back to my hotel.

The Scarlet Theatre.

Wonder what I’ll find next?

next entry will be from Tokyo, internet willing. 



Honolulu – winding down

Today, was the wedding. If it weren’t for this wedding I doubt that this “last” lap around the planet would be taking place.

The groom is an old friend of Carlton’s from Arlington. About 5 years ago, Bill moved to Honolulu to take care of his 90 something mother. Along The way, Bill tried online dating and surprise surprise he met the love of his life. And after 3 years they got married today. All together, they have 11 grandchildren.

The wedding was lovely. It would have been unusual in Arlington. But here in Hawai’i it was normal. Mochi for favors, rousing round of Banzai, and a reggae band. It is why I love Hawai’i.

And, they had jello. Considerably more stylish than the jello at the Asylum. But still jello. I did not waste any calories on the jello. Not when there was chocolate nearby.

But now I am winding down my time in Honolulu. I am really really glad that I came. And I am also happy that I stayed at the ilikai where I lived 50 years ago. I loved watching people surf my old break – Kaiser’s. Named after a long gone hospital.

If it weren’t for my friends and my accidental family back at the Asylum I might just go AWOL.

But, leave I will on Monday continuing this lap around the planet. I feel like, my life is in some sort of bonus level now. And “game over” isn’t all that far away. Glad to have today and hoping to have tomorrow. This isn’t sad. This is just reality. I am fucking old. And, for now, old beats the alternative.

Honolulu – Aloha Friday

I stayed awake late enough to see the sun go down.

 Like at the Asylum, I am on the sunrise side of the building- so to see the sunset I had to go outside.  This is the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. Mostly sail boats. 

 My big event today was a field trip to Hānaiakamalama.  This is a small house museum and a sister to Carlton’s much loved Hulihe`e in Kona.  I had a lovely visit there. I almost didn’t go but I’m really glad I did.  

Old Peg in an even older mirror.

 I learned two  things  today. 

  1.  Even a very good power bank is useless without  a cable.  And
  2. Google isn’t always right. Google sent me off to a bus stop that was no longer in service to catch a bus that no longer went to where I wanted to go. Fortunately a real human was driving the bus and he got me sorted out. 

And surprise! 


Learned something here too. Lacking a tripod, the phone takes better pictures of fireworks than the camera. 


Honolulu – aquarium today.

The Waikiki aquarium

Went to the aquarium today.. Had a great time. Honolulu’s  aquarium is sort of fun sized. It’s not too big, just about the time you’re getting tired you’ve seen all the fish.  And most of the fish are local boys so they’re all friends from the ocean. 

The shark and grouper tank
I hate jellyfish in the ocean but love them in aquariums

 I once went all the way to Chicago just to see a jellyfish exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science..

Day Octopus.

 Then, after a little rest I went to my old shopping center, Ala Moana center. Back in the day it was a real people shopping center. We bought stuff. Underwear, pots, car batteries, the occasional washing machine.  Now it has one of the largest collections of high end shops on the planet. Most of the shops have black suited bouncers stationed at the door. And frequently the doors are locked.  I didn’t go into any of the shops. The bouncers most likely would not have let me in. I did go into my old grocery. It is seriously upmarket as well. But I got take out for dinner. 

An excellent day comes to an end.  But after walking 7 miles, I am tired. Damn tired.

Honolulu – moderate day

The luau venue

In the center of the image there is a 6 or 7 story parking garage. The roof of the parking garage is the luau venue. 

Closer view

Hotel luau are usually pretty bad. But this is exceptionally awful.

Enough snarkiness about the luau at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

 I had a moderate day today.  I took the bus to the Bishop Museum.  The bus ride was interesting. Bus people always interest me. Heck, I am a bus person myself. 

Coming back to the hotel on the #2 bus

The Bus is very much used. Many are the larger articulated models. The 2 buses I rode today transported 4 people in wheelchairs or  motorized scooters. This is more handicapped ridership than I would see in a month of riding back home. Not sure why the difference. 

Out the bus window.

From the bus Honolulu does not look like a glitzy tourist destination but rather like the sleepy colonial port that is at its heart.

Eventually I made it to the museum. Even though I am interested in its subject matter and understand the significance of most of the artifacts, I found the museum to be powerful with an uncomfortable undercurrent of terrible loss.

 I was blessed with 15minutes in the Kāhili Room all by myself.

Kāhili Albatross feathers

Today, we tend to focus on the feathers, but the stick, pole, standard is the most important part. It is the named part of the Kāhili. This one is named Ka-ula-ho’ano-lani and dates from 1859. The pole has 6 brass and 6tin bands. The entire room is very dark, very chilly , very powerful.

Spittoon belongs to Kamehameha I and Kaʻahumanu

These bowls decorated with human teeth are just creepy.  Exactly whose teeth did you use to decorate your spittoon?

Time for a change of pace.  The LEGO exhibit.

The Titanic- 23 feet long. Over 200,000 LEGOs.

This is enough from me for one day. Tomorrow maybe the aquarium. 



Honolulu-Busy Day

Went for a little walk.

Well, it was. busy for me. And hot. Gotta get better with the heat thing before I get somewhere really hot. 

I found the location of my Saturday morning wedding.  Stopped and talkstory with some old surfers who called me auntie. Honolulu my be too crowded.  It may have too many visitors. But surfers still surf. And old surfers still watch.

Sam, Squirt, Peg
Sam, Squirt, Peg

Then it was take your Grandmother to the office day. You all know that I love giraffes. This guy used to live in a petting zoo. So he is super r friendly. But big. Very big.

 I also got to visit some adorable fennec foxes. One of the nipped my fingertip. How cool is that? I didn’t have any alcohol. So, I stuck my finger in the listerine bottle. 

Might hit some museums tomorrow. Oh, and I walked over six miles today. I was really happy to have dinner stashed in the fridge. 

Honolulu – Lazy Day

Nice south swell today, lots of action on the breaks across from the hotel.

Didn’t do much at all today.

Big adventures today include looking over the railing.

Also did a little reading. And little wandering around.

Can hardly stay awake, so good night.


From my room.

All’s well that ends well. Two hours after my tardy plane arrived I am ensconced in my hotel.

The #19 bus was right where I expected it to be. The trip from the airport cost less than $3 and took about 30 minutes.

The hotel had not lost my reservation.

I did not get rained on.

It all good. But waaaay past my bedtime.

OK – clean kitchen, backup computer, that’s it.

Magnolia in The Asylum Yard – taken with the camera kit that is going RTW with me.

Finished packing today. Only changed my mind 37 times about taking this and not that. Now all that is left to do is put away the dishes when the D/W is done. And back up Forbin the Computer. Also,  turn it completely off. Then take one last look around the Old Bat Cave to make sure it is ready for guests.

Might be a good plan to take one last look at my 2do and packing lists.

Just weighed my stuff – about 22 pounds. Which is about 16 pounds in my bag and 6 pounds in my purse/backpack.

Anytime that I have WiFi or cell signal – I will update the blog. Leaving The Asylum at 0830 ETA Honolulu 1800 hours which I think is midnight here on the east coast.  I will be a tired old woman. 


Getting ready…

A Last Dinner at Table 100.

One last dinner with Asylum Sisters. The food was only average but the company was great.

My Garden Box AKA Wild Child.
Formal Garden Box – Pink One.
Formal Garden Box – White One.

The garden boxes will be tended by others. Hopefully, Mom Nature will help by providing nice rains. 

Guess this is really going to happen. 

But wait. I just checked the blog around the days just before my Australia B4 Alzehimers adventure in February 2018. AND, I  had decided to take the Pen F with the 35mm lens. And, why did I decide to take that combo?

Rainbow Falls. Wrong time of day for rainbow. But still good.

This picture. That is why. It was the best picture I took in 2018. And the best picture I took in 2017 was also made with that lens.  SO, the zoom lens stays home and the 35mm prime goes. And, I have lightened my load a little.