And it rained.

Incoming Storm.

Not a huge rain. Just enough so I didn’t feel like a need to water my flower boxes. Today or tomorrow.

I am trying to avoid most things political. But this little exchange is priceless.

Back to the regularly scheduled boring old blog.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail- before the rain.

Yet another eastern tiger swallowtail.

Four Mile Run.

For the last 15 or 16 years, I have walked over Four Mile Run – either coming or going to the Hospital. Hoping that some of today’s rain landed on those black-eyed susans.

Dinner tonight: Salmon, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cream cheese sandwich. Plus a takeout order of bread pudding.

More of the same…

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail – male?

A couple of Eastern Tiger Swallowtail’s were hanging around again today. I think one was leftover from yesterday. I choose to believe that one is a male and one is a female. But it is hard to tell since their hindwings are a little worse for wear.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail-female?

And that is about it from the old woman today.

. . .

Let’s think about ants for a minute. Millions of ants die
every day, and do we care? No. And I’m sure that ants feel the
same way about us.
The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard.

And exactly how and when did I get so old?

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Now, the question of the day is “How the hell did I get so fucking old and when did it happen?” I wonder about my aches, pains, and memory lapses. Then I remember that I am currently playing the game in the bonus level category.

Just checked on my investments. Not pretty. Thank goodness for the fixed income component. I am ready to take a substantial hit if it will help unseat the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Not happy. But ready.

Speaking of money. Carlton never passed up a penny. When I got off the bus this morning, I spied a penny. I tried to just walk over it like every sane person. But no. I heard Carlton ask was I too lazy or too rich to pick up a penny. Every time I see a penny, I figure it is just Mr. C checking up on me.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Just in case you are not a fan of B/W butterfly pics.

I had the great luck to stumble upon a collection of every short story that Arthur C. Clarke wrote from 1937 to 1999. In Kindle and Audible format. It is about 1,000 pages or 50 hours of vintage goodness. What surprises me is that I actually remember reading some of them back in the 50’s.  I think I am up to about 1949. Lots more hours of reading and listening pleasure.


No Country For Old Women.

One day last week, while the blog was broken, I was walking home from work. It was hot as the hinges of Hades.  My trusty umbrella was deployed and I wasn’t happy about the rather steep uphill that would be happening at the end of this block. I come upon this frail older lady. She doesn’t even have an umbrella. I walk because I chose to. Chances are really good that this lady was walking because she has to. Old women are tough. Hoping that she made it safely to her destination.

Diversity at The Asylum

Diversity here is black and white napkins. Salt and pepper. Plus beet sugar and 3 types of “sweeteners”.


The new CEO of The Asylum wants us old folk to be able to “follow our passions”. I overheard one old gent tell another that his passion was to get through the day without having to change his undershorts.

Lazy Summer Day.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

Today, I had the wrong lens on the camera when I came upon a big butterfly.

Enjoyed a very lazy hot summer day. Time for a shower. Then dinner. Maybe hot dog and a cold beer. Good summer dinner.

Mindless shooting at a Walmart in El Paso today. Wondering how it went down. El Paso was always a rather heavily armed town. Once when I was there I was offered a gun “because everyone packs”. Well, said I, if everyone is armed then I don’t need to be.

St Francis attacked by morning glory vine.

Two in a row.

Black Swallowtail

Surprise surprise. Two in a row. Two days in a row my blog seems to be working. Two days in a row we have prunes.

And, I wandered by a black swallowtail with the correct lens on the camera.

Made some progress on my project at work. Spent a few minutes talk story with the new person in charge of The Asylum Foundation. She has the unenviable task of trying to separate old people from their monies. (Don’t worry Carlton, my hand was clasped on my wallet.) And, had a nice dinner on the patio with a couple of friends. A good day.

Three weeks from now, I will be in Bermuda. Funny, that will be three times in the last 12 months. Bermuda must be my new favorite place. But, if I lived on the left coast – I am sure I would go to Hawai’i 3 or 4 times a year. So, it isn’t so strange. All up, it would be cheaper for me to go to Hawai’i. But, it is hard to beat the 2.5-hour plane ride.

. . .

I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.

Mark Twain

Ah, that’s better.

Little green bug and zinnia.

I did not get my blog going again. My hosting service did. I checked around and have no clue what they did. Well, I have been with them since 2012 and this is the first major outage I have had. So, I am just happy that they got it going again. I backed everything up. Twice.

The continuing Prune Outage.

Wednesday – prunes sneaking back in the lineup.

Some grumbling was heard that the prunes were too hard. But other people liked hard prunes.

By this morning a full container of prunes was in place.

This is the normal breakfast fruit lineup. Sliced oranges, prunes, pineapple, melon, and grapes. The three tubs of library paste looking stuff are cottage cheese, plain yogurt, and regular yogurt.

You get a lot of really fun junk mail when you are old. Like this one: Free Lunch and Informational Seminar for those “considering cremation”.  If it had been at a barbeque place, that would have been finest.

Now, how exactly are they going to tell me that their crematorium is better than the other crematoria?  Must be a pretty hard thing to sell. Thank you, Carlton, for leading the way for me by going to Georgetown as a “First Patient” AKA cadaver.  And Georgetown did give me a free lunch. And you got a free cremation. What’s not to love?

Consider the Anatomical Donor Program at a medical school near you.


It’s Back.

For 48 hours or so, I lost access to my site. I still had FTP access. So, I tried everything I could think up to get it going. And, I can think of a lot of things.

Finally, the good people at A Small Orange, my hosting service, got it going while I was sleeping.

So, now I have to go back in and very carefully put things back to “normal”.

Thanks to everyone who was concerned that I might have been the one who was down. Some day that will be the case. But not this time.

Still Prune-Free

Sun coming up through the midsummer haze.

Today was one of those hazy summer days. It is 88° at 8PM. But, we still had a nice dinner outside on the patio. 

I believe this is the 4th prune-free day here at The Asylum.

Hopefully, Sisco delivered a case of prunes today!

Pretty simple  make that boring day for me. Work, yoga class, water my flower boxes. And by then it was dinnertime. And tomorrow will be the same. Just a different yoga class.  


It’s still a NO GO

Mourning Dove

Today I found a mourning dove. They are big and fat and slow-moving.  My kind of target.

Still NO PRUNES at breakfast.

Today’s small project was to do a little wardrobe culling. So, I found some clothes that I had lost interest in. Or that I was never interested in.  It was about 1/2 a trashbag’s worth. 

Here at The Asylum, we put our excess clothes in our “Resident Storage Room” and something happens to the clothes. Most likely they end up in some landfill or the other. But, we like to think that the clothes go somewhere where they might be needed. Since my clothes nearly all came from a thrift shop – they will be making the trip for a second time.

The Resident Storage Room.

“Resident Storage Room” is one of the scariest places in The Asylum. We each have a 4X4X4 foot chicken wire cage/chicken coop. I don’t use mine. There is nothing that I value so little as to leave it down there. 

Back to work tomorrow and back to back days of yoga classes. 


A serious prune shortage at The Asylum. Limit one prune per customer.

Honestly, how can this happen? For some of our residents, prunes are the most important food group. (I find beer to be an excellent source of dietary fiber!) Surely the kitchen gets prunes in #10 cans. How hard would it be to check the cupboard and say “Gee, we should order prunes.” Or is there some worldwide prune shortage that I haven’t heard about? 

No bugs today, but a fledgling robin. 


. . . 

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.  Eleanore Roosevelt


Hover Fly on Sunflower

Found one flying bug today. Plus some ants. 

Thinking about long-range planning at an old folks asylum. I understand that management should be thinking. planning and even acting long range. And, management pays lip service to resident involvement in the process. But,  reality check: we are old people.  I am not sure I need to buy a Five Year Diary. Or an extended warranty on anything. 

So, management has meetings to “Report on the Strategic Plan”. Where they talk about how good it is going to be when…

Some day when… we implement/install the wonderful “Smart Apartment” hardware/software. Well, by the time management gets the “smart apartment” going it will be obsolete and in the meantime, one of my neighbors really wants an Alexa device but she has no smartphone and no amazon account. Instead of a grand “Smart Apartment” 5 years down the road, management should figure out how to deploy an AWS Enterprise Alexa system and just give the residents a Dot and Echo Connect to plug in and they would be good to go with no setup. And no ability to order a case of condoms. 

After they deploy this stop-gap system – then start working on what might be the next big thing for the smart apartment (senior style). 

But don’t tell me how good it is going to be after I am dead.

found this cool accidental shot in my camera. Maybe this is my “death” picture?