For all who know the mingy Mr C

Pair of fine lawn flamingo

There I was enjoying a fine afternoon at leisure. Day One of “Ain’t Doing Nothing in the Kitchen” Week. We had completed a nice lunch of leftover pasta salad, the aforementioned leftover tuna paddies, strawberries. Life was tranquil.

Carlton comes home from a bike ride carrying his front tire. It was flat. But, lucky thing number one, it went flat right outside the building.

So, he takes his tire down to the shop to get repaired. He has a very old bike and the guys at the nearby upscale bike works like him. Carlton takes money for the parking meter and some money for the bike shop. But, Carlton being Carlton – parked in the free Walgreens lot across the street from the bike shop. The bike shop is about one mile from our apartment. The second lucky thing. Soon, he comes steaming in the door carrying the repaired wheel. His car got towed.

We found where his car ended up – less than a half mile for the apartment. The third lucky thing. He went huffing off to rescue his car. Shortly, he returned… $115 poorer. Good thing he saved $1.50 on the parking meter. And got a lot more walking in than he normally gets.

I, however, share an apartment with him.

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