Just call me old.

Set the bar low for the start of bee quest
Set the bar low for the start of bee quest

Time for my summer photo fun, hunting for the perfect bee shot. And, the best magnolia.

But, let’s bitch. I am a senior. Hate that title. I am an old person. You can only be a senior citizen if there are junior citizens. And sophomore citizens. What’s wrong with just being old?

Well one thing wrong is being bombarded day and night with messages like this one:

We anticipate there will be a lot of seniors who come out of the woodwork when they realize their TVs go black,” said Theresa Lambert, who leads the digital TV outreach efforts for the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging. “No matter how much information is out there, it’s not until those TVs go dark that you get their attention.”

Hello World, us old people didn’t actually invent the Internet – Al Gore did that – and we didn’t invent the computer or the television – our parents and grand parents did that.  We are not Luddites. We designed, built, repaired, operated and programmed those big iron computing machines. Machines that supported the Manhattan Project, machines that landed men on the moon and got them back home.  Ray Tomlinson actually invented E-Mail. And he is a senior. We can figure out converter boxes.

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