Hey, It’s June Already

Hey, it is June. General Motors has declared bankruptcy. Something seems wrong about Fiat buying Chrysler and Jeep. (Remember, boys and girls, Jeep is a WW2 vet.)  And, GM goes bellyup. Now, let it be said that in my 50 years of car ownerhip I have owned all or part of:

  1. British built Metropolitian
  2. WV
  3. Austin Mini – the original
  4. BMW
  5. Jaguar
  6. Fiat
  7. Honda, another Honda
  8. Alfa
  9. Miata
  10. Plus 3 or 4 boring Toyota products

So, an American manufactured car has never darkened my driveway. It would seem that I am part of the problem.  But, Ike Turner’s Rocket 88 is on my Fitness Walking playlist. That is about as close to a GM product as I get.

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