Day At The Races

Clarendon Bike Race - L1 w/kit lens

500 plus images came home from the bike race. Less than 50 remain. Doing better – keeping up with the newcomers at least.

Really tired tonight. Been trying to get in a “forced march” every day. That would be 30 minutes of walking like I am going to miss the last train out of town. I hope  that I will get used to the forced march and will start feeling stronger. For now, I just feel tired. Very tired.

I am trying to knock my blood pressure down. Carlton is sort of a “Christian Scientist” w/o the God component. He doesn’t approve of modern “life style meds”. Meds  that try to control blood pressure, cholesterol, sleeping, etc. So, I am trying to keep my BP out of the scary range with exercise.  And diet.

BTW – Carlton is OK with antibiotics and aspirin.

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