2020 – A Covid Xmas

Xmas 1993 and 2020

I know, I could have worked harder and made the pictures look just alike. But you get the idea. 

Carlton volunteered on the 2nd floor of The Asylum for about 5 years or so long ago when it first opened. And, one Xmas he dragged me down to sing Christmas carols. I told him “I am not a Christian. I don’t do Christmas carols.” He assured me that just helping out and singing harmony wouldn’t sentence me to a future in heaven. And, that was when I discovered that Episcopalian Asylums have booze.

As you can see I still have the jacket. I made it in the fall of 1993. Out of Carlton’s old silk ties. I made it very heavy which was a mistake because 1993 was the last winter we spent in the cold cold north. Until this year. So, it seemed like a good time to revisit the jacket and the photo.


Grateful for a delightful day. And dear friends. Also warm memories of “better” days. But is any day really “better” than the only day we have. Today.

It was way too cold and windy for friluftsliv. So, I did yoga instead. Had an out-of-bounds coffee and cake meet up with my Asylum Sisters this morning. A finest solitary lunch of Cobb salad and cookies. And then a glorious nap in my comfy chair with my heating pad. Looking forward to soup and cookies for dinner.

And, it’s Aloha Friday, no work ’til Monday. Because Virginia accepted my Covid vaccine records. Shots start again on Monday. But until then, I am a lady of much leisure.

Mālama Pono

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  1. Hopefully the goddess and your connection will get you a second shot on time. With the new British strain ( the high R factor ) and winter, mass vaccination can’t start soon enough. Plus it’s stalking your asylum so I’m rooting for you and your neighbors. I’m well isolated in OBX but did go up on the Eve to pickup mail and spend a couple of hours with my sons to breakfast and exchange a couple presents. A risk but one needs at least a brief human connection. One gift of the solstice – the days are now lengthening again. Stay Warm.

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