Still working

looking for the light

Hanging out in the “airlock” trying to score drugs. Good drugs.

life and coronavirus #239

My supplier calls. I go out in the cold. She has the goods. I bare my arm.


Grateful to have gotten COVID vaccine #1

If I get caught doing this it’s a 7-day quarantine. So worth it. What I am I doing? What I always do – wrangle data. “Hey Auntie, what did you do during the Great Covid War?” Well, I didn’t die (yet) and I moved a whole lot of data around. The amount of “paperwork” involved with the vaccination process is stunning.

Mālama Pono

3 Replies to “Still working”

  1. Yew good for you. Who made yours out of curiosity ? I have lost retract of al the companies now. And you will need another ?
    Good work Peg. I’ll be watching to see how you fare with it etc
    You are a rebel with a cause ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Great news Peg – so glad to hear you got the vaccine (first dose). Can’t wait when I get my turn in line!

    Hugs (someday again),


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