Take back in the country in 6 days

looking for the light

A little retail therapy arrived today. My new Alexa Echo. I was getting ready to plug it in and extract it’s MAC address when I was notified that the Saloon was serving “Sex on the Beach” as the Happy Hour Special. I have become a fan of umbrella drinks since Covid. Not all umbrella drinks, but some. I had to go drink. Life is uncertain. Drink.

We can not connect “things” to our WiFi. We have to submit the MAC address to IT and hope that they add it to their list. I got this new Echo because it is supposed to generate its own Zigbee mesh net.  Without having to be connected to a router by a RJ45 wire. We will see. First, get connected to in house “hotel” wifi.  Next, acquire a Zigbee device. Try to connect it. If that works… Then I can automate my tiny apartment. Already thinking about some cool lighting. But, first things first.


Grateful for technology. When it works.

I seem to have cajoled Time Machine into working again.

A week from today will be “interesting”.  I should have a plan for “what if the good guys don’t win”. But, I don’t. And no matter who wins. Covid will still be here. So will science.

Mālama pono

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  1. Can’t you just cheat and set up a home WIFI router and have your own home network? or is that a no-no?

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