Take back the country in 11 days

looking for the light

Went to the “far away” grocery this morning. The weather was nice. Some exercise was in order. So I went to the grocery that is 1.5 miles away. It also has pretty good grocery store sushi.

I was also picking up some coffee (hoarding?) and I needed eggs. Noticed that they had quail eggs and duck eggs. In addition to the usual selection of brown, white, organic, free-range,  factory, eggs in 6, 12, or 18 packs. Except for the price, the egg department is pretty much pre-pandemic. I guess this is a good sign.


This amused me way too much. Had to steal it. Don’t know who to credit.


Grateful that good sushi is within (long) walking distance.

On the not good news front. Another resident of The Asylum died of COVID this week. It’s not all duck and quail eggs if you are old.

Mālama pono

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  1. Hello Peg,
    That’s funny, my wife just bought quail eggs. 18 french quail eggs for 3,56 dollars / 3 euro. About the same price in France. In a supermarket. Not a big supermarket, but bigger than a grocery store.
    Oh this cartoon is funny.

    Have a nice day.
    I’m still looking at the polls and crossing fingers. 😉

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