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looking for the light

Went out looking for autumn – poison ivy is always good. It turns a nice cheery red in the fall. Just like I do if I encounter it unawares.

And today was another one of those mellow waiting for the next bad thing to happen days. I am surely getting better at enjoying the goodness that comes along.


Grateful that I have been able to adapt as well as I have (and I admit it ain’t great) to the new normal. I have stopped thinking about “when things get back to normal”. There never was normal. There is just what is.

My friends are like cheerful chipmunks – they are out scurrying around, stocking up before the next uptick in Covid locks us up. And there is the possibility of civil unrest after the election. I have done my share of scurrying and stocking as well. But, I am still thinking about my escape to Hawai’i. The only problem I see is the “exit plan”. Always know how you are going to get out. And, that is what I haven’t figured out. If it all goes to hell, how will I get back to The Asylum. And would I even need to get back if it is really that bad?

Mālama pono

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