Waiting for my Telemedicine Appointment


looking for the light

Came back in from my afternoon walk and what should be on my window ledge? Crows! Sneaked up on them with the phone.

Well, I approve 100% of telemedicine. My doctor was on time. She spent 20 minutes with me. She agreed that I am fine and I agreed to go down to her office and get routine blood work since it has been 18 months.

She is not 100% happy with me going to Hawai’i. Well, I am not 100% happy with me staying here. So, it’s a draw.


Grateful for telemedicine. And CROWS!

Remember your fall calendar

      • October 31, Halloween
      • November 1, Turn the clocks back
      • November 2, Día de los Muertos
      • November 3, Take the country back

Mālama pono

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