Video Edited Out

looking for the light

Tiny bubbles in the water.

I spent 11+ hours editing a video today. I took a break to visit with my Asylum Sisters (Outdoors. Socially DIstant. Masked.) this morning. Ate lunch and dinner at the computer. I made myself stop about 10 minutes ago. I was getting crazy. But, I did get to use “Motion” – which earned it’s $50 today. Until today Motion was just mocking me – saying: Old woman, you aren’t ever going to figure this out. You will not live long enough. Well, I learned how to tweak titles. Don’t think I can create one. But, I sure can change one.

Loving the new external display. It has a bunch of USB 3 and ThunderBolt ports. It delivers enough power through the Thunderbolt port to power the MacBook. And, I can plug a couple of external drives in as well. That is in addition to the big screen.

Back when I was younger, I would just skip the blog today. But, now that I am old, people might think I died. One day, that will happen. But hopefully not before I get this posted.


Grateful for a busy day. And good friends.

Now, I am going to make a nice coffee and toddle off to bed. Where I will find a new audiobook to listen to. Don’t think that my eyes want to look at anything else today. Tomorrow, hopefully, I will finish up the video. I will ship it off to the client for “review”. I will remind him that free videos are worth what they cost.

Mālama pono

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