looking for the lightning

Enjoying a big storm this evening. Running the Mac off battery because I don’t want it to get fried. Also, have all the lights turned off because I hate having the power come back on in the middle of the night and silly me didn’t get all the lights turned off. So I am in the dark.

Speaking of lights. I have a tiny apartment. I do not need smart plugs, switches, and Phillips Hue bulbs. But I want them. Since I get pretty decent “hotel” wifi from The Asylum I can not really do this. But, I am thinking that just maybe the Alexa that has a built-in ZigBee hub might just work.  Or I could just spring for FIOS. If I get stuck here this winter, I will play with trying to get at least two smart plugs to work. One for the coffee and another for my fan. How much controls can you do with less than 600 sq ft?

This is the realtime lightning map. You can find it at https://www.lightningmaps.org/   It makes any thunderstorm more enjoyable. Check it out. See if it covers your area.  I live at the blue dot.

Just another new normal day. COVID made an ominous uptick in our neighborhood today. But, one day does not a trend make. Hopefully, it is just a blip. Two of our staff members failed their bi-weekly COVID tests. It really isn’t rushing back to the way it was is August 2019.

But, Sex on the Beach was the Friday Special at our friendly in-house saloon.  What’s not to love?


Grateful for Elizabeth, my housekeeper. She comes in on Friday morning and makes everything all clean. And all I have to do is stay out of the way and say “thank you”.

The storm seems to have passed for now. And the power stayed on. So, I can have a coffee.

Mālama pono

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  1. Hello Peg,
    My son’s appartement is only 220 sqft.
    He has three hue bulbs, three remote switches, two motion sensors, an homepod, a smart plug for the heat radiator.
    And yes, after beeing annoyed by the wifi of the residence, he subscribe to the fios !
    I can give you a good justification for having that: when all is automated, no more hand manipulation, a good barrier for covid-19 ! (Even if he bought that long before).
    Have a nice day!

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