looking for the light

My floor still knows how to get through a crisis – this morning there was an empty $150 champagne magnum in our glass recycling.

Mostly today just happened. I did a lot of socially distant socializing. Even an independent soul like myself is feeling a little isolated these days. I haven’t a clue how those who are very social are dealing with things.


Grateful for a friend who invited some of us to enjoy the early evening on her lovely terrace. I was only a little jealous.

I need some “supplies” stuff that I would have normally walked over to the strip mall to get. Most likely at the grocery. Things like Tylenol, dishwasher soap, plastic wrap. Not food. But “supplies”. Did I walk to the store? Nope. I went online and ordered curbside pick up from the grocery. And, at 8:00 tomorrow morning, I will wander over to the grocery and pick up my stuff. It is easier than wandering around a large store looking for stuff. And, I don’t have to personally inspect the Tylenol bottle or the plastic wrap box. And, it is actually cheaper. Because I will not be seduced by the store end cap displays and stuff waiting to tempt me near check out. It really wasn’t a Covid decision. It was an it is easier this way decision.

Mālama pono

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  1. Hi,
    Veuve Clicquot, Perrier, nice french bottles !
    Yes, social distancing is hard, especially for young people like my son. And, for older too.

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