DIY Lockdown – day 52 of xx.

looking for the light

Didn’t have to look far for the light today. Last night about dinner time – I got an email from the hospital announcing a “new test result”. This means is that as of last Friday I did not have Covid-19. Which is good to know.

life and coronavirus #133

Management put out happy yard signs for our staff. When I was a worker bee I would not have been impressed. But, I was always cynical. Show me the money! I think a better grade of people work here. I sure hope so!

I was amazed to discover that this is Memorial Day Weekend. The Official Start of Summer. Yeah, Right. Summer of 2020. Anyone else remember their hexadecimal codes? 20 in hex was a space as I recall. And that just about sums up 2020. Space-Space. Blank-Blank.


Grateful for negative test results and positive vibes. Gotta work on the positive part.

Cataloged some photos, got a friend up and running on Zoom, did my laps around the building. And napped.

Mālama pono

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