DIY Lockdown – day 47 of xx.

looking for the light

The light is hard to find this evening because this afternoon we learned that one of our residents died of Covid19. This was a perky woman who lived in independent living. After she was taken to hospital she was worried about her car battery.  The only good news is that all of her KNOWN contacts tested negative for Covid19. But, known contacts are tricky in an old folks asylum.

I watched this video and spent a little time reflecting on Haruko. I met her before I moved in. I had seen her apartment on one of the “open apartment” tours that we had BC (Before Covid). I remember talking to her about origami and her husband who was a retired Chief Warrant Officer. Mostly we had origami in common. I put a crane on her door.

And this video reminds me of how very much is missing from our lives right now.


Grateful to have known Haruko. Life could not have been easy for her. But she was a gracious lady.

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  1. A well done remembrance for your neighbor. The video was moving. Seeing the earlier video of how hard everyone is working to make safe meals it has got to be tough to lose a resident to this. I think back to finding you and Carlton on the big island during a cruise and how I got his tour of the palace. Hope one day this will be past and we can reminisce over lunch.

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