DIY Lockdown – day 46 of xx.

looking for the light

Yesterday evening, I got an email that said I had a package at the desk. Package, what package? I don’t remember ordering anything that was supposed to arrive any time soon. But, I am not curious enough to want to trek up 11 floors.

So, this morning after my laps around the building, I collect the package. It is heavy. And gets heavier coming upstairs. Not a clue as to what it is or where it is from. Have I gotten this senile after 45 days?

still no clue.
Promising very promising.
A care package.

No not a care package – but a very caring package.

It is toasty warm here today.

So after getting tested for Covid19, I went looking for a nice private place to hang.

life and coronavirus #127

Comfy chairs here. But, a still like “my” bench in the dog run best for general getting away.

life and coronavirus #128
life and coronavirus #126

And somedays, you just need to getaway. Especially from yourself.


Grateful for ohana. That would be all of you!

Mālama pono

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