OK. Next Travel Problem.

garden spider

Billy spotted a big old garden spider on our walk this morning. They are huge but totally harmless.  Unless you get caught in their web.

Went to a meeting this afternoon that was almost a total waste of time. Except they have really great scones and chocolate tarts. I will meet for food.

And now for the latest travel issue. The Canadian rail system has shut down. As in stopped.

Click to make readable.

Had no idea that my travels would be so adventurous. Not coronavirus. Pipeline protestors.  I agree with the protestors. So, if need be, I will come up with Plan B. At least I can get my money back for my train. Not going to worry about this until next week.

Yesterday’s travel problem involves a pretty important engagement that I forget I had scheduled in May. Think I can solve that one with a 36-hour detour back to Virginia. I am letting this issue simmer too. Don’t want to make things worse by some knee jerk reaction,

Sometimes it is just best to see how things unfold.


Grateful that all my problems are these nice 1st class problems that can be solved with money and/or frequenter flyer miles

And, no I am not ready to kick the jackrabbits out of my boots and stay home.

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  1. I have enjoyed your blog for quite sometime especially your perspective on aging and travel. I wonder though about your understanding of the protests in Canada. Curious if your news source is telling the truth about it. Every single first nations, all 20, impacted by the pipeline voted 85% support for it to proceed. 8 of the 13 non elected chiefs support the pipeline. The area the natural gas is located in is -13*F at the moment. Our province is reliant on natural gas as a source of clean heating fuel for homes. We do not have the pleasure of the temperatures of Washington, DC or Hawaii. The tiny part of the province of BC where the natural gas is located is the size of Nebraska and has a population of 68,000. The total number of actual dwellings in that area is approx. 26,000 homes. Can you imagine that kind of density? If you are fortunate enough to complete your via rail trip you will travel through less than 1/2 the length of the province of British Columbia. Notice the sparse population as you enjoy the scenery. Natural Gas is a clean, efficient, appropriate, environmentally sound source of power. If you still support the protesters that is your prerogative, but at least now you know the truth about the pipeline.

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