What was I thinking?

Damn! I missed it.

What was I thinking? How could I have missed the avocado festival? Bad Bad Bad. Heck, I didn’t even know about the avocado festival until I walked by this sign this morning when I was on walkabout.

And what else did I discover this morning? The Emerald Princess.

Surprise. A cruise ship.

I pretty well have my May adventure thought out. Now I just have to commit some cash.

      • 4-8 Days in Iceland. Iceland is a bitch without a car.
      • 1-2 Days reposition myself to Great Britain
      • 6 Days Tour the Cotswolds – this one is set.
      • 1-2 Days hang out in London.
      • 7 Days crossing the Atlantic on Queen Mary 2. Most likely being seasick. And unfashionably dressed. But, it is an adventure. Heck, everything is an adventure if you do it with enough wild abandon.
      • Take the train from NYC back to the Asylum.
      • AND, accomplish all of this with only my tiny backpack. Don’t think I’ll have the requisite ball gown for Gala evenings on QM2. Hello, room service.

Avocados, even if I missed the festival. And papayas.

Yes, Carlton, I am spending “your” money.  And for that, I thank you greatly.

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  1. Sounds wonderful Enjoy the trip.
    Wishing you were in Kona end of April. My daughter , bestie and I are coming on April 17 th and cruising from the 18th to the 25 th. I did it before with Joe but they want to do it so I said I’ll be in that. Girls Trip. We head back 4 th May.

    I hope you don’t get sick. Dramamine or/ and seasick bands

    I have to tell you too Peg that I have developed a thing called MdDS. Disembarkation Syndrome since end of March last year. I feel like I am in a boat when sitting or standing. ALL the time. !!! Mine was actually driving induced but most people get it from cruising. I am however fine when driving , in a boat or bus or plsne. Or in any sort of passive motion This is the clincher in diagnosing it. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. So stay clear of it. I need to win lotto and just cruise the world for the rest of my life haha.

    Glad to see you are still doing what you want and enjoying it. I can only aspire to be like you xx

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