Not my bestest ever day at the office.

Time to fluff up The Old Bat Cave.

The Old Bat Cave is on the open house tour tomorrow afternoon. It was looking a little subpar this afternoon. Newspapers, origami, notes on pieces of scrap paper, mismatched earrings covered every surface.

Well, I am taking tomorrow off so, fluffing will be tomorrow morning’s project.

This is what The Old Bat Cave looked like Sept 14, 2015 – a couple of weeks before I moved in.

Peeking in the door of the old bat cave today

You can still see where the wall was. So happy that I have one room.

Anyhow today was not my best ever day at work. I messed up a table in the production database. Of course, I maintain that the system messed up the table. But, what exactly was I thinking when I tried to modify the table on the fly anyhow? Took me 4 hours to get it back to “OK”. At least I hope it is “OK”.

I was hoping they would fire me. No such luck. I did hear that our system will be supported for a couple more years – but then we have to move to the “new improved” system. I am now officially closer to 80 than 70. I am so not going to migrate another system.

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  1. Peggy,
    At least you are still in the fight. I think my retirement was it for me. Working on major automation that a facility depends on anyway. From 20 to 50 I always felt if I wasn’t the smartest programmer I was at least up to snuff. The last five years were no longer as simple. It’s a relief to simply work on friends and family’s systems now – especially easy are the Macs with Time Machine…

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