Learning to loll

This is the view from my bed. Views are very important to me. It is important to have a nice view while practicing “lolling around”.

And this is my swimming/ocean lolling area. A steady stream of pleasure craft sail and motor past.

Tomorrow, I am thinking, will be much like today except no trip to Hamilton for breakfast and provisions. The ferry doesn’t start until 10:30 which is seriously past my breakfast time and the grocery store is closed. All the stores are closed. I don’t think it’s a religious thing, I think it’s a lifestyle thing. People want to be outside with their families.

Last shot is the road back to my lodgings from the ferry.

One Reply to “Learning to loll”

  1. What a view !!!!!
    Love Bermuda !! First time was there 40 years ago on some old ship that I’m
    Sure is a Toyota now !!!

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