Tokyo – playing tourist today

Girls in yukata-my favorite image today

This was in Asakusa. A shopping street maybe 4 blocks long. And every shop just sold one thing. Hair sticks-but not hair clips. Hair clips would be a different store. But, I am getting ahead of the story.  First I have to get here.

Okay, how hard can this be?

Actually, pretty damn hard. I figured out that this was the train station and I needed to find the CORRECT subway station some where underground. This whole underground thing is problematic.  In my part of Tokyo there are 3 to 7 layers of underground. Folks who work blocks away from the station can walk from their office building to the train/subway without stepping outside. These aren’t simple passageways but underground shopping mall type things. Google doesn’t know about this. And my phone GPS isn’t spot on accurate in Tokyo. 

On the Ginza line

Eventually, I find the correct subway, acquire a 24 hour pass, and make in on the correct subway and successfully transfer.  

Sensoji Temple

I always get a fortune. I got a “good “ one  Among other things it says: There is a little bit of worry about traveling. 

Sensoji Temple

And now back to the shops.

The natural bristle brush shop

After all this sightseeing and window shopping, I head back to my hotel.  Had no problems until I tried to find my way out of the subway system.  Finally popped out some 3 or 4 blocks away from where I should have been. But, while wandering lost and looking for a way out, I passed a 7-11 and got a ham and Brie sandwich for dinner. 7-11 in Japan has the same name and the same logo. But it isn’t the same. No Big Gulps for starters. There’s a 7-11 bank. They sell food that you can actually eat without getting food poisoning.

I took a nap when I finally made it home.  At my age, one adventure a day seems to be it.  

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