Getting ready…

A Last Dinner at Table 100.

One last dinner with Asylum Sisters. The food was only average but the company was great.

My Garden Box AKA Wild Child.
Formal Garden Box – Pink One.
Formal Garden Box – White One.

The garden boxes will be tended by others. Hopefully, Mom Nature will help by providing nice rains. 

Guess this is really going to happen. 

But wait. I just checked the blog around the days just before my Australia B4 Alzehimers adventure in February 2018. AND, I  had decided to take the Pen F with the 35mm lens. And, why did I decide to take that combo?

Rainbow Falls. Wrong time of day for rainbow. But still good.

This picture. That is why. It was the best picture I took in 2018. And the best picture I took in 2017 was also made with that lens.  SO, the zoom lens stays home and the 35mm prime goes. And, I have lightened my load a little.

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