More Skyline

My Old Apartment Building in Virginia Square.

One of the buildings that I can see out my window is the building I lived in before moving here. And, last evening the light was reflecting off the windows in the party room. And, it almost looks like there were people in the party room. I hope so.

Sort of had a little panic today. The enormity of taking off around planet without Carlton back here to bail my sorry ass out if something goes wrong hit. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong. Well, let me count the ways. 

    1. I could get sick or injured. Got Global Rescue for that. 
    2. Could miss a plane. Well, I can buy my way out of that problem. 
    3. Could get lost. Well, I have gotten lost before.
    4. Could have major trouble getting/changing money. That has happened before too. Plan to have some $100s stashed in the bra AKA the titty bank.
    5. Could be bored. Not likely.
    6. Could get really tired. Likely. So take a day off.
    7. Could get involved in some civil unrest/war/terrorism thing. That could happen here too. And, it wouldn’t be boring.
    8. The weather could be really shitty. Well, suck it up and carryon. 
    9. Could be attacked by ruffians. So, that could happen here too.
    10. Could be run over by a bus. So, watch when crossing the street.
    11. Could lose luggage, money, credit cards, passport, phone. Well, it wouldn’t be good. But, it would be survivable. 
    12. Could have to use a squatty potty. This could be ugly.

But, I’ll be on that plane a week from Sunday. 

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