Everything was going fine,

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Everything was going fine until I tried to explain what a VPN is and why you maybe should have and use one. To my friends at dinner. 

I had to deploy my VPN this afternoon when researching transit from the Singapore Airport to Downtown. 

This is what I got from Safari and Chrome. Then I realized that it was my network that was doing it.

Fire up Tunnel Bear and

Bingo! Connected. 

I have never had to use my VPN to get to a website. I normally deploy it to protect me when using public wifi. 

But, it is impossible to explain just what it is that a VPN does. Or how it does it. I can not explain how lightning bugs operate either.

2 Replies to “Everything was going fine,”

  1. Hello Peg,
    I think that an IT person configured the asylum firewall to not allow outgoing connection to Singapore servers.
    That could be a human bug, or that could be a voluntary action to “protect” the old folks against phishing based in “suspect” countries…
    Best regards,

  2. I am thinking that they are protecting us from ourselves. I was just glad that my little VPN was able to break out of The Asylum fence.

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